Epic fail

I tried to set everything up on my new phone, only to realise after requesting an SMS that the SIM card of the old phone was not in it.

Y: Why did everyone die?

X: He lost his SIM card, sir.

Y: His WHAT?

X: Sir, his SIM card, sir. For the SIM CITY, you know, sir?

Y: Oh the simulation card, yes. Too bad…

Well, good that I have the original SIM card, which is deactivated. 😀

Luckily I don’t need a SIM card for what I want to do. It just would have been helpful for one little side quest. But nothing dramatic and maybe I will find this SIM card somewhere, who knows… xD

(oh boy… why did I remove it in the first place… I didn’t use the phone anyway… Now this damn card could be anywhere.)

AI joke

Someone: Hey Alexa, have you seen it?

Alexa: It is under your bed.

Someone: Thanks. Wait a sec…

When I looked in the small instruction sheet of the new mobile phone, I saw that even there was trouble because I found a sentence which had “… und und …” (… and and …) in it. So you know that everything was probably checked three times.

Oh well… this Christmas will be interesting. (help)

I am so glad that either way I won’t need that damn SIM card anymore soon, since I never needed nor used these phones anyway, other than watching videos or reading computer science papers or place it on a shelf in a corner. Unlike most other people who probably run around with these all day, all the time and even talk with them, like some people.

I preffer human beings who actually want to talk about things which matter, like “Forests are burning” or “animals and life in general dies” or “look, I found a coin”, no wait, not the last one, well only when there is more to this coin, maybe. For example something historical or I don’t know. But these days it is even more important to destroy ancient buildings and history and also the future, so we can all enjoy the last minutes with our smart phones and other screens. Perfect…

Would it be just me, then I could just sit on a bench in the forest all day long until I either die or something happens. But sadly such things never helped because other people just continued anyway. And it really can’t all just be my fault, is it?

People: It will always be your fault, you are the problem.

Okay… then… but what does this make you?

People: … ??? … !?!?!?!?!? … You are crazy.

Thanks for answering the question.

People: confused

And yes, I know that putting out private information public is dangerous.

Guess what… it is out there anyway. ha ha…. yeah …. whatever

I don’t know how far I have to go to show some people how crazy or brain-washed they are. Or how far others have to go who also try to do that. 😦

Would we actually be able to trust one another, what I believe is possible (at least for some of us), then we wouldn’t have to worry about private information. But the problem is, that some people just want to stay private, since they want us to be willing to give them everything they want to know.

I just did that now, since I thought, it is pointless anyway for me to hide, since I wouldn’t be able to hide anyway. If someone wants to find you, they will find. At least there is enough technology out there to catch you three times. xD Even without any technology in your hand or pocket (like a phone).

Too bad that only the secret agencies, corporations and other “important” people and institutions have easy access to such things, or military for example. So they can see you moving through a forest for example, via night vision, sensors to detect warmth or good old satellite images and helicopters with sensors and stuff.

So people who are scared of any implants, probably already have those. I mean, you don’t need such things, they are just additional fun, since they can get you anyway, if they want to. Or none of them wake up and see what kind of horror shit show they are constructing or already did.

“For the country!”, they said.

“For the security!”, they said.

“To fight terrorism!”, they said.

“To defend and help!”, they said.

And they didn’t lie, but what they didn’t tell you, that you are the enemy.

At least would you actually want to have what they got or at least could have, freedom and a life.

But enough is enough and some people can’t always get what they want, making everyone else (or maybe themselves as well) suffer. Only to realise that they got nothing and only destroyed instead of healed and helped.

I really hope I won’t completely freak out tomorrow or in two days, but I can’t guarantee.

And my mother said to me, that after her mental breakdown, when she was in this cult, she felt more like herself when she got me. Also got back her senses, like smell and taste and love and joy. But she said, that she probably will have such a nervous break down again soon and then she probably won’t be able to recover from it, while she already is not really here and often acting like a little child is expected to behave.

And I had such a break down last year and it probably didn’t stop. But in my case it was actually more like the opposite. I found myself because of it or a part of me. And now I am scared that I will lose this part again or maybe everything.

Why couldn’t I just be with the others and be happy? Why did I have to be pushed into this madness?

When I wanted to talk, no one wanted to know.

When I didn’t want to talk, some people wanted to know, but I already didn’t trust it anymore.

And now …