Radio Antennas

a normal day in hell

Since I was young I listened to the radio from time to time and sometimes got some lucky messages.

When the antenna of one of them broke, we used a fork (the ones you use to eat) and put it in the hole of the broken antenna.

The interesting part is that I often noticed that I got a better signal when I embraced the antenna. Weird, isn’t it?

Well this is still the case and also happens with the “digital” radio my mother bought be a few years ago as a present. Too bad that the radio signal around here is usually too bad to catch a signal because of all the hills and valleys and trees. (Which is a good thing for me, just so you know.)

But when I hold this antenna the signal seems to be stable or at least more stable.

So I must be an antenna as well. Which then of course is just about waves and physics again.

I mean, either I have metal in my body or it is just the body itself catching the vibration of the wave. And since I hold the antenna this vibration travels through my body over the metal antenna into the radio. Crazy stuff or basic physics. People are all about this digital world, that they often forget about these basic things or don’t even know about them.

For example that your mobile phone only works (at least what people usually use it for) when there are either wifi access points or radio towers sending and receiving radio signals / frequencies / waves.

So when you go into a modern city, you could say that you are literally surfing or swimming through the internet, since you quite literally move “through” or “in” it.

Just think about it, you drown in an ocean of information, signals and the waves they need to travel.

And instead of stopping it, lowering it down or maybe even decrease the amount, some “smart” people decided to make more of this. Like, MORE IS BETTER, or whatever they think.

Old notebooks and computers still had switches to turn wifi (or such things) off. Today this is usually not the case anymore, since most people want it active all the time anyway.

When I was little the amount of frequencies was still not that high, some of course, like basic radio waves, with sometimes better, sometimes worse stability (analog radio). And wifi was also not that common as well as good and fast internet. People were still using old modems in some cases, I still had cassettes / types in my childhood and even broke a few either because of the magnetic tape broke or I accidentally recorded something over the original track. ^^

I liked to play around with technology and things in general, tried everything, at least when it seemed not dangerous or I was feeling okay with it.

The mobile phone signal was also not that good and in some other villages is still unavailable or untrustworthy. But in the town they upgraded the radio tower and increased the range and power (and stuff).

I also bought a few LAN cables again, so I won’t have to use Wifi anymore because I really think it is causing additional problems, as mentioned here before.

Because whenever I am in the forest, I feel more pain at first, while it gets better after some time.

And I know that this is a good sign.

A possible, but wrong conclusion in this case could be, that the pain level increases when I go away from the village, since given the signals of the body it usually felt this way, although I knew this made no sense.

It is actually the feeling the body usually feels, but ignores because it is “stable” and the “common” / average pain level. So when I leave the source of pain (the village, town, etc.) the pain gets “visible” or I should say, feelable. Because the body then finally discovers a change and then doesn’t ignore the feeling / signal anymore. Which then, as I said, could lead to a false conclusion, believing it got worse.

But it is actually that the level of pain was probably much higher before or at least around the same, just “accepted” and ignored by your body. Something like switching of a “red alert” signal, while the actual problem still remains. So it seems to be fixed, but someone actually just surpressed the warning signal for the problem.

As if saying: “Nothing happened here, please move on, everything is fine.”

While the following might be the case:

So basically saying:

Not to forget that a lot of birds and other animals like whales and bees and so on die because of these waves and also other things. Be it radar, radio or call it what you want, radiation.

Luckily we are only human and therefor will no…. wait a minute?!

Yes, you heard right or thought right.

In school I learned that in some countries or areas people even install high pitch frequency senders to annoy young people, like teenagers in a trial to avoid them entered a shop or steal something (or whatever). No shit, some people really do that. My mother even has such a thing in her car, to prevent animals from eating cables or sleep in there or whatever, since the previous owner already installed it there.

While my mother and probably the other people don’t feel annoyed by it, I often hear that sound when I pass by the car, but I assure you, I have no intention in eating cables or sleep next to a car engine, or whatsoever. 😀

A physics teacher once even randomly made a joke about frequencies which ended up with him increasing frequency until I felt dizzy and was hearing bat frequency signals I assume, since he said that it was not possible for humans to hear that or only young people. Yea… well…

When I try to explain to people that I can hear it, when there is a cable with a lose isolation, they also shake their heads or are confused. And tried to explain to me, that it might be something else.

I mean, I know when it started and stopped, so yea…

And so it might be no wonder that my mother sometimes interferred the radio or tv signal when she was younger or sometimes maybe still does that. Or that I might be able to even send signals in that frequency, you never know…

At least I am sometimes highly aware of frequencies most people can’t even hear anymore or maybe never were able to hear. But this is of course and luckily not always the case, otherwise I would probably not be able to live (oh well…).

So coming back to the frequency – pain relation. When your nerves sense a difference their new signals get processed again and noticed. So your pain level (or something else) changed. But instead of then going back (inside), where the (possible) cause of the pain is, you should let the pain stay and continue to move away from the source. In a city or region which is highly “civilized” and technological advance, a very difficult task, actually.

In my case, I can luckily still go into a (more or less) safe forest. Each time I really literally feel the difference between village / town and forst, although we are talking about a kilometer maybe.

In my case there are of course also other relations and sources of pain, but one of them are frequencies, for sure.

So in case you receive radio messages without having a radio, at least now you know, that it might be you having a biological radio signal receiver. Or maybe a few nano bots placed into your brain, you never know these days, am I right? 😀

But either way, you can use it to your advantage as well, although it can be a real pain in the ass and burden to carry, when you live in an area with a lot of technology. At least “open” technology, like with radio waves, wifi and stuff.

Good that some people now want or already have started to put satilites into the atmosphere to give us all our long earned dea…. internet… internet was the word. What did you think?

Sometimes I am really not sure whether I am a machine playing a human or a human playing a machine or both. You know, since of all these weird things…

And a lot of aggression, depression and other problems get along with these things, but hey “LETS INCREASE IT!” 5G and GO!

It is interesting that decades ago people noticed that these signals could harm not only us, but plants and almost all life forms in general. But what did people do about it? They just said that they will take care of it or noticed it and that they will probably think about paying attention to it. So basically saying that they don’t care or have no idea what they are talking about, but as long as there is “progress” everything was okay. Especially killing other beings and wild life.

To explain it in other words. When you were in a radiation contaminated area for a while, in case it was not too high, you won’t die from it or at least have a high chance of survival. But when the radiation is too high or too long, you have a high risk of getting cancer, tumors or other mutations or problems and die as a result of that.

The same goes for frequencies as well, although they cause less problems and have a longer time to take visible effect.

Because what happens in your body when you get radiation? A cell could die or at worst alter its “code” or purpose. Then the body health system (I don’t know exactly what does what, but just call it this way) takes care of this cell by “spitting” it out and replacing it. Usually no big deal and it often happens and is a more or less natural thing, since we often seem to lose some cells throughout the day, when we move stuff, move around. That is nothing to worry about, since usually these cells could be eaten by small life forms or whatever happens with them. Maybe end up in the soil. It gets a problem when the destruction of cells is higher than the reproduction or repair.

This way you can survive mild radiation or frequency “contact” (although the two might be a little different in effects and causes), but not long-term “contamination”. I mean, you always have a chance to recover, as long as you stay alive, but it gets harder and also more painful the longer it is. And you would of course need to be completely away from the source (be it frequencies, radiation, etc.), so the body and immune system etc. can fully recover and do their job, in case they can still do that on their own, or with help.

In the past it was for example not allowed to have mobile phones or such things in hospitals, at least in my country and where I was. You had to use a phone with a cable. Either in your room or maybe out in the floor / hallway. Some hospitals might still have this (talking about Germany or the technological regions of the world maybe).

And Germany is often said to be behind the U.S. when it comes to technology and internet. So you know what to expect. But in recent years the development change a little. It depends on how you see it and what you see or hear.

And while back when I was little 15 years ago maybe or even less, it was still not allowed or accepted to have mobile phones or such things, when I was last in the hospital (two years ago) people were having them in their rooms and all. And no one said anything about it, since it was normal. By the way, I am not talking about that it is not okay to have a mobile phone or to use it sometimes and am not against technology. I just try to explain the risks, ignored facts and possible dangers.

I would probably not even have a mobile phone if one of my aunts wouldn’t have told me that I should get one. Only to later hear from people things like: “Why do you even have a mobile phone?”

Yeah… well, it was not really my choice.

It all started with a train travel… (oh man, that sounds very deep and dark in a way), since that was the reason why I should get a phone, so my aunt could contact me or I could contact her, in case something happens.

In a world in which you could trust each other and people would help each other out, I could have just gotten on a phone in a train station, in case there would have been a missed train or something or ask someone else. I mean, someone also asked me once whether he could call someone since his battery was empty. That is no big deal, helping out a stranger and so this man could call someone that he safely arrived and tried to get to where ever he was about to go and told that. And back then it was actually still a thing to walk around and see these “bad boys”:

People: OMG, what is those? Death chambers? (Futurama views might know what I mean)

No… you throw in some coins and then you can call… forget it, it is pointless…..

I mean, I would have given them away for free and calling police or fire fighters is always possible, at least it was at some point, even without money, but yea…

We even had such small boxes with phones next to the highway (Autobahn) or even at some locations on some roads, even next to my village (for whatever reason). A small orange box with a phone and number keys inside. Usually to call ambulance and stuff, so only for emergency cases, I guess. But after some time they were gone more and more and now I think people don’t even remember these or know what I am talking about.

But since they were already there and there it was probably easier to uninstall them.

People: Wait, that makes no sense.


People: Easy man, easy.


But it also didn’t interest people that since the 90s in Germany continously state facilities got private, like the DB (Deutsche Bahn – responsible for trains), the post service, the energy sector (if it wasn’t already), the telephone and internet sector and so on. Now even the Autobahn (highway), so we can also pay for travelling like in Italy or france. I mean, isn’t that like a reverse history? Since in history Germany was a 300+ state / region collection thing and because of all these borders, different laws, trading problems etc. they more and more “grew” together. Leaving 16 counties / states. But the highway is really the least problem, since it would just be the tip of the iceberg, since everything else is already private and therefor out of state hands, and therefor out of control of people. Good that my government is basically a corporation…

And when people some years ago said something like that, they were told to be crazy or dumb.

Thank you intelligence, thank you human kind for eliminating everything including yourself (or whatever).

Not only making good people who just wanted to live and love each other and feel good with nature sick and break them, but also calling them stupid… wow…

The problem with good people is, that they are usually too naive (like my mother was at some points) or that they easily give up or let others take over, when they are stronger. And in case they don’t do that and actually respond strong as well, get called things or told that their behavior is not okay, while others can do whatever, it seems.

I mean, my mother had to help a girl get away from a man (maybe someone she was together with at some point or whatever) in front of a crowd of people, also strong and grown up men as well at a bus station. And she was alone and that was when she was even younger than I am now or something like that.

So this was 40 years ago I guess and not even in Germany but the USSR. (We don’t talk about the U.S. or China or similar countries here now).


What? Aren’t China and the U. S. working together anyway?

People: But Trump said…

Do you really still listen to such people? Where have you been?

People: But the president….

What president? It is fake anyway, go home people…

People: But I voted!

Voted… man… next time I see a squirrel or tree I probably ask them, whether they voted for something or allowed people to kill them.

People: But we live in a free country!!!

Is that so…

People: We have rights!

Well, yes, you have the right to chose your death, meaning whether it will be a slow and painful or fast and hopefully easy one. But don’t forget, at worst you end up here again as a child and then you have to do all of this again with additional levels of stress, pressure and pain.

People: Oh God no, that sounds like hell.


People: I want to be in heaven.

Also people: destroy earth / paradise / heaven

And by the way, you can see in people’s eyes, whether they know and understand something or not.

Some people:

About that.. and yes, I know that some people can’t see for various reasons.

And it is a shame in so many ways, but hopefully you or they will be able to see one day soon. In case they want to see (with eyes). I mean, some blind people can actually see with other things, like bats for example.

We actually had a bat colony under the ceiling / roof of my house. They were eating some unwanted insects, like flies I guess and also were pretty funny. My mother liked to count them and watch them in the evening.

Not long after my father had put some kind of paint or paste on the wall near their sleeping place and then they were gone. When my mother found out about it, he simply said: “Ja wer will den Fledermäuse im Haus?” (Well, who wants bats in their house?) – with his grin. And I and my mother thought: “Well, we….”

Not to forget that he had no right to cut my trees, my hedge, flowers or basically do anything on my property. But he ignores that anyway, no matter what you say. And then even takes the neighbours as excuse. Telling us that they also cut their trees, grass and get rid of any sign of life it seems. So it must be necessary, in his and their eyes, I guess.


But hey, this is fine. 🙂 🙃

Keep smiling… Lächeln bitte! 😩

If we could just get rid of money, since it is only a tool to have power over people, started in ancient times with roman soldiers (or others maybe) getting gold or metal coins. So you are all soldiers or slaves, put it as you want.


Some people still: But I need money to pay my bills.

Screaming intensifies

At some points people got together and stayed together to survive.

Especially these days people stay “together” to die together.

Or let me tell in another way.

And then people from Iran, Syria, Iraq and other countries arrive in Germany or the U.S. maybe and … oh well, they are in paradise.

And by listening to this you are now officially a terrorist, since you listened to “foreign” and terrorist language related music. Bad of you, how could you. Now we have to kill you. (or whatever authorities do when you speak in another language these days).

A paradise made some decades ago.

And now what do we have?

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