My grandfather’s stomach

(Father of my mother)

This one is hopefully very short.

Okay, so according to doctors his stomach has no or almost no acid. So he usually needed sour things like lemon to be able to eat meat and other things.

Why is this important? Well because I am his grandson. Okay, well, no it is more that he actually had a stomach which was actually not made for meat, but was still eating it, since this is how it goes or was, everony had to eat meat or atleast most people. And it was normal. Although it is and always was a relative thing, since even animals who sometimes eat meat, also eat berries or some herbs and stuff.

But because of tradition, some weird “science” and confusion, he kept on eating meat and other things.

But before he died he mentioned: “Wie kommt ihr mit den zwei Ländern zurecht?” (How do you handle these two countries?) And mentioned that one of them was very beatiful.

He also said, that he should die instead of one of his sons (the uncle with the motorcycle accidents and exotic cancer variation) and so he did.

If he would have just know, that what he knew and saw was actually normal and good, unlike what all these other people saw. Yes, he made mistakes and all, but he was also more of the loser type in his family. His siblings were making fun of him and showed him how great they could build things and how good they were and stuff… making fun of his problems with his eyes (I probably have some of that) sometimes not able to see everything and also having trouble to concentrate when others were around.

But when he was alone and had to care for his family, he not only built or repaired several homes alone, but also was more open towards others, even gave a homeless guy new trousers and such things, only to him with the same old ones some time later, probably sold the good ones for booze or something…

He liked different music, was more interested in younger people and didn’t like the other old people so much. Because of the religous stuff, they were usually very strict and harsh towards the young people and also about him and his family. I mean, some people even knocked on his door and complained about one of his sons breaking a tree branch as a teenager or something, while driving bike and didn’t want to do anything bad. So he ended up hitting him for that, so even the woman complaining said that this wasn’t necessary. But then I thought, well, then why did you knock on the door? WHY OLD LADY!?

Poet, musician, preacher, father of eight children, good-hearted, was treated as an idiot and stuff…

And my other grandfather maybe partially as well, since he had some unanswered questions and wasn’t religious and happy to have me.

Why did they have to die. It wasn’t their fault.

You know why… You know what I mean.

When I am about to die with age 22, and they got at least 75 and man… now I don’t even remember my other grand father’s age. Something around 86 I think?


And when you change the phase around 180 °C you get this.

And after another 180° C you see the following. Wait, no, it wasn’t about heat.

Shit I remember thinking about typing something heat and degree related in the context of … <error number not found>….

last year when…. <error not a number>….

Did I say something?

People: Yes and you scare us.

Oh… sorry, but hey, you are awake, isn’t that great.

Some out there who didn’t give up:

And some people mentioned that 25 years might be the age in which you are fully grown up or if not, stay in. From a body perspective that could probably stay like this and when you feel good, are still young and full of love, why not stay “25” forever? Why not? It is only important how old you are, when you are counting the days in a prison cell. Isn’t it?

We are all human, more or less and for sure something alive.

And we can find ways to live together peacefully and learn from each other, together and survive together. And not like before, kill each other and ourselves. Please, I don’t want to live in such a world and you can’t tell me, that this is what you want either, do you?

I mean, it is kind of normal to hear sirens in some towns or cities, to see people dying.

But this is not normal. This is observing a dying animal, while either no one wants to help that poor thing or if that really is not possible (I don’t know) then let it rest in peace.

For my part, for me it is possible to live. We should just first lower our technology needs and all this stuff. Maybe take some walks through nature, what still remains and feel the harmony.

It is interesting how fast you can feel better in a forest. Of course when you don’t have any electronical device with you, so to say. Sadly I see people walking through forests with mobile phones in their hands or pockets or music playing in their ear and then the whole effect is kinda pointless, don’t you think?

I tried that as well and it was not really helping me, but was still helpful.

It wasn’t helping me because I felt good without all that, but it still gave me some feelings trying it out.

For example listening to music while walking towards it, made it seem like a movie scene. But well, no one watched or did you? Probably through my eyes? If so, let me know because I usually didn’t or if so, then only when I was sleeping and dreaming or what seemed like a dream. Because some dreams are me processing stuff and sometimes I also see places or people I don’t know or don’t recognize, but it feels as if I only observe and not really am in control.

But I had this theory, that when I sleep, I might be able to see what someone sees who isn’t sleeping. Or when I relax.

I actually liked to float in the water when I was younger. Just leaning back, moving the legs up and then just being there in the water. No need to swim, not worrying to drown, just relaxing.

I have seen some people in videos do that, but I think no one who I know or at least I haven’t seen them do that or remember it.

But hey, my memory is pretty messy.

X: But John, they still don’t know what this is all about or what they do.

John: I know.

Random reader: The end is ney

Other random reader:

Someone: But what about your grandmothers and other family members?

Pete: This was not part of this post.

Audience: ???

Man… I don’t want anymore death… HELP!!=!=!=!=!!?”%O§=

X: Amen.