The world is yours

Just for a limited time only.

Buy now and get free life time access to all the things you never wanted.

But first give me your soul.

People: He is the devil! I knew it!


People: He is … dead?


People: But only fools want to die!

Then they thought it through again and realised something.

The more you taste the toxic poison, the more resistent you get. And maybe even be able to use it to your advantage.

Isn’t that what some frogs do? Or other animals? No?

But of course don’t take the poison you don’t need nor want or need. Not like some people who drink first one beer, then two and after some time a whole basket or shelf, without fully getting drunk. Why is that?

I say … pan cakes.

The following are totally unrelated pieces of film footage, enjoy:

Happy Crysler!

Happy Crimson. 🙂

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