Stargate Access

In case you have no access to this series and never watched it, I think Amazon has all or at least most of it. At least in my Amazon it says they have it, both physical and digital.

And if not, I have physical copies and also put them on a server as presented here.

There is of course a possible legal problem, but since you are my family and it is only available for family members, I think the “no public sharing” part is not present here. But you never know.

At some point streaming videos was a “gray-zone” as they called it and then it was illegal. At first just publishing copyrighted material was illegal and people who did that got in trouble, while viewers went out free (as it was said), now everyone faces similar consequences (I mean that was a few years ago, but yea…).

What really is funny that Stargate is the name of secret operations by the U.S..

I think they even had projects with even more secret information and titles. 😀

But this one is “just” a TV show, so nothing to worry about.

The interesting part is, that there was one actor in this show who also had a main role in another TV show (probably) on a few people know: Warehouse 13.

When you see the patterns between them (relations, similar information in some cases, similar kind of “warnings”) you know that some people tried to wake people up and tried that with different TV shows and other methods. So in case one gets taken down another might still be up or available.

The best part about it is, that there is of course also unrelated information and the whole thing is just a story and pure fiction as always. So you can not tell that it is willingly informing people, since fiction is not real. Right?

Would “they” now see how “broad” this information was spread, mostly subconsciously (without people understanding or knowing about it), they would probably have to delete the whole internet or whatever.

But hey, they could just say that there was a “technical problem” and so things disappeared somehow.

You never know. 😀

By the way I am wondering what some people, probably “spying” on me are thinking about.

They might look at my posts and other things and be like: “The hell is happening?! Do you understand what is going on? I mean, are they talking in secret code or just sharing a few stories?”

Authorities: “Well, I’d say better kill them all, God will know who are his… eh I mean, they will die anyway… no what was the text… ah right. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”


Honest people showing their ID card:

Authorities: Wait that is just an example. Show me your real card.

Honest people:

Authorities: No we can’t have any visitors around here, please go to the others.

Honest people: But I lived in this country for years, even decades, you can’t just…


Where have we been?

A right, coma, I guess…

A diplomat arrives:

Authorities: This man is a diplomat, no one is allowed to stop him or control him. Otherwise we could get in trouble.


People reading the blog: Now you confused me again and ruined a wonderful meme.

Authorities: hand out “diplomat” ID passes.

People: I want one!

Authorities: They are meant for important people only.

Other people:


You look important, here have a diplomat pass.

What? I mean if you have heard some knews about bombings and shootings and how these terrorists were flying in here with planes. I mean as passengers or travelled accross borders and even left through them again (some of them). I know that actual refugees or so called “trouble makers” don’t get weapons so easily or even get in countries. Not to forget that we are getting observed and all, the whole time, at least it is possible, since most people have some kind of device with them all the time anyway. You know what I mean.

So it is very interesting how terrorists who are said to be very “incompetent” are able to pass through all these so called security checks and surveillance. Don’t you think? I mean they basically get here by plane or get here elsewhere, then somehow have machine guns (I would understand bombs, since you can make them with some chemicals at home, I guess), but MACHINE GUNS? I don’t see anyone selling those around here legally.

At least in my country or France for example, I thought that selling weapons was only possible for hunters or people with local(?) gun licenses. And then also just basic weapons like a hunting rifle or such things, not a military machine gun. Very weird, isn’t it?

That is why I was making this “diplomat” joke kind of thing. Hope you got it.

So please don’t cry for more security, in case you did or do (probably not, but maybe some people do that) because like in the DDR/GBR (or other people friendly countries and times) these things will mainly be used against people like me and maybe you.

Terrorism is a business and also legal these days, I mean how else should they have gotten all these informations, weapons, free access and stuff? Because they were smart and hard to find? Hard to find my ass… Oh and in case you misunderstood, closing borders is actually what they want, since that would also make it harder to escape.

Did I say something?

Good old East-Germany… man how I love these memories which aren’t mine, since I am too young to even have lived there, but any way.

When I think about Christmas this year:

Probably this Christmas it will finally “snow” again.

looks in the skysees ashes (must be the weather man)

Luckily it isn’t snowing ashes (is it?), but you know what I mean.

A car ad I got recently:

Another ad about experiments, music experiments:

An educational movie I watched a few years ago:

I hope you saw the patterns, didn’t you?

Some people who remember what I wrote recently: But why should all these wonderful and cool people die?!?! They did nothing illegal.

Also some people (a few seconds later): Oh boy…

Okay WordPress glitched and my internet is going on and off again.

I wanted to make this post longer, but well…

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