Apocalypse Now Now Now?

So better not give up now! Since Apocalyspe actually means that the truth will come out, instead of what some people think: We will all die.

(That’s something good, by the way, that truths come out.)

Or as some people used to say: “Sport ist Mord.” (Sports are murder.)

Well, of course not meaning that moving your body is, but that forcing your body to do things it is not made for or comparing people based on physical ability or disablitiy is. And then calling it healthy.

Good that some people learned from the past. Finally.

I hope you remember the word for this: “Gleichschaltung” (Synchronization)

So people would dance in a syncrone way and do everything they got told. Isn’t that wonderful?

Sadly it had and still has nothing to do with nature, freedom or life.

Imaginativly looks at people at the train station and sees:

I think I need to rest a little. My hands are sweating and my feet are cold, I also haven’t eaten the whole day I think, since I slept through the day and then started to study again and write and share.

But now my stomach says, that I am very much in need of new resources and a small break, so I won’t get into a dilerium or something. Although I am very good at staying awake for several days without food, I preffer to not do that, when I have this priviledge. Unlike many other people. And even if they would have a little food, they would need proper food and even then, still would need hope and freedom and not this dog soup some people give them each day, calling it “hot air”. I mean, it feels like hot air or cold air, although I could have enough to eat. It just isn’t what I need and want, it is often altered and also doesn’t make me feel very good in some cases.

Gene-food beside, we can win this and if I am just a small candle in the big blue sea, I keep on shining (in a disgusting, stink, ugly way), but better a candle which sometimes flickers, than no light at all, am I right?

And I often really don’t know when I can finally go outside and feel good to be alive and to finally live and then either meet consequences or not, but be proud of being alive and that I failed so miserably on that, because I gave up, that I was able to give views no one asked for.

Any kind of death is a good death for me because I didn’t want to live in Nazi regimes anyway, so it would be a favour to do that to me. Or to torture me because it would show what people are able to do. And who knows, maybe I could open some minds along the way. Win, win, I would say. So what do I have to fear?

As usually, just this life, which is still an unfree life.

Maybe soon we will get the freedom we asked for.

At least before Christmas, I have to make a few things, which might cause my disappearance at worst.

So I will later make a backup of my blog again and give you the download. Just in case, you know.

Hoping that there is actually all necessary data in it.

Some videos of course get deleted or set on private here and there, I know. But the overall amount should still be enough to make some waves. And if not, well, at least I can still go in an unwritten history as a crazy guy. 😀

Would at least be better than staying in this hell another year. But yea… in case someone gets a child in the meantime, I will probably cry again. If you understand what I mean. Just to be clear, I am not against children, children are the future and they should be listened to.

Fun fact: Oh and just one little detail about YouTube. When you use it (at least on computer screens and Firefox), you see a familiar symbol on the lower right corner. For many years I have seen the following in it and asked myself, whether it is coincidence, that YouTube in dark mode almost looked like some other symbols related to it. Since I usually like dark mode, you know.

Okay, thanks for listening and good bye for today. 🙂

Stay awesome! (or just alive)

And as some wise people once have written on a shield:

P. S.: When I tried to save and publish this, my internet went out for a few minutes and the browser didn’t respond properly. But luckily I could safe all of it and then post it anyway. ❤

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