Part 8 – Downfall or Reboot?

– The world as we know it.

You know, I have heard this and that in churches.

I have had the priviledge to be seen as a boy / man, so I could spy on people, since they thought I was on their side. I mean, technically I am a man, but you know the story.

But before I want to tell another “cool” and interesting story from church, let us take a look at the good old times. In which people at least had a still a chance to think, if they wanted to. And erasing knowledge was still a hard act and visible act.

But see for yourself, luckily I got a little time machine with me. How convinient.

By the way, it is intersting how the above video had two or three restriction warnings set. Basically telling me that this is some very dangerous piece of video footage, possible to probably take over my body and make myself into a free human being or whatever. Or they thought that children could accidentally take this for a joke and then see that the nazis are actually everywhere. I don’t know, but it was pretty interesting that this video had more restrictions than any video on youtube I have view so far. And I have watched many… many many. Oh boy… we are all about to die. But hey, that was what we started to begin with, so it could be worse. 😀

Okay back to the footage which is important to observe and internalize, for what I want to tell you later. Since that will be related to it.

(By the way I was watching that on my projector with the windows not shut. People who could have walked passed it probably think that I am pro nazi now… oh boy, these poor bastards… well, but I will be called whatever they want to call me anyway. I mean, I knew that all the time, so fuck it. It is irrelevant anyway, since they will only think, believe and do what others say them. No point in trying to explain that I am actually trying to break the biggest crimes in existence. I mean, you heard the man in the video, right? In case you were even able to watch it, so to say.)

Now that a few people probably woke up (since no one is reading this blog anyway, probably no one, but yea…) you know that the shit is real, real real, like super hot (actually a video game name, by the way).

And the funny detail the were talking about in the end, was the part with the mind and imagination. Because that is something which is actually wrong, but I assume they didn’t know about it or maybe had to say this. From my own experience they can do this and always did. But the truth is, that you can gain it back and when you hold / keep it (the mind + imagination), you have it. So they of course tried to minimize chances with specific kinds of music, therapy and education. Back in the 30s and 40s. What did you think? 😀

So yea… now the bad news.

People: Wait, this were the good news?

Eh… oh… didn’t I say so?

People: shocked

Well, I wanted to talk about church and what I heard there, being an undercover agent.

In one of the churches I went to (actually it was this conformation thing or whatever), there had been a few people from elsewhere invited to “educate” us about problems with internet, TV and other things. I haven’t seen them in there before, because I was there multiple times in summer time for a few weeks and there weren’t these people. Anyway, what they were telling us, was explaining to us that TV channels like MTV or VIVA were evil and showing bad things. That these things were making humans aggressive and tell them to rape, pray to satan and such things. Also telling us that some music does that and even showing us example videos. (By the way I was very skeptical about it and just tell you what they said.) The best part was about the internet and social media. They were showing some messages of people on facebook and such things (that was in 2012 by the way) and then said that what young people publish there could ruin their career and also comprimise the minds of others. So they were telling us that we need a way to delete such things.

Blog readers: *jump up* Done… I am done. I will go drink a bottle of vodka and smoke… done….

Yeah well…

Do you know what Edward Snowden said? He (or at least it seemed like him) was telling about similar things. Oh and by the way, when did his movie come out? 2013… or not? Well…well…

The best thing is that back then I just got internet, so I didn’t really know what this was all about and first thought that it must okay. But I was of course confused. Back then I still thought that they would probably not get far, since they were religous people. But heh… now that we long know that this is actually all fake, that was more like a war strategy presented to teenage me, while I didn’t get it.

By the way they were also separating boys and girls for camps and these conformation thing. So probably they told the girls other stories, about kitchens and stuff… or that the internet should only be used for cat videos… (you never know these days).

In this conformation process we got also told that we should trust in God and that God isn’t an old man and such things. We got also told that a man should wait to have sex until marriage and then to have sex once a day. And not more. Or that in case it doesn’t work with the “coming” part, it could be learned. Crazy stuff…

When you now look into german politics you understand that the left is actually the new national socialistic movement. But actually just as a cover-up story to justify laws and restrictions. For example environmental laws and stuff. The best part about it is, that the rest of politics are of course also in their hands, but with the “left” they try to trick people into believing that there is posiive change. Relatives of mine got actually really aggressive recently and supported the left part. Probably because they have seen some videos or TV shows who supported them. I also almost fell for it to be honest and since I wanted to die anyway, I was an easy target. But luckily I never had much interest in politics since they are all fake anyway.

I mean in the U.S. it was just a two party thing and in Germany it was mainly the same, since the smaller parties had to work with the bigger ones either way. And from outside it seemed more free and like an actual free thing, since there was more to choose from, while the result was the same anyway. I mean even teachers told me such things in a way and also that our situation looks similar to the 30s but that you can’t compare it.

And they were right because back then they still had to do the work themselves. They had to burn books, kill people or let them being killed and all that nasty stuff. But now they can just let people do that themselves, as it happened in my village for example or with me (almost). Even some musicians were publishing something like that, that you are your own assassin these days. Because they can make you kill yourselves, when you don’t fight it. And if that doesn’t work, they can just find some reasons to call you crazy or a criminal or something. Easy does it.

Okay, but why did I show you these book burnings??? Any suggestions? No?

Well, these days, at least in Germany and western countries, most poeple use smartphones (mobile phones with touch screen and computer technology, you know), kindle (ebook reader) and computers in general. A lot of people don’t even have physical games, books and music anymore, since everything is online available everywhere all the time (or whatever they say).

And that actually is the case.

The FUN part about it is, that this way you don’t even need to burn books, you simple delete them and done. And people won’t even notice it, since they don’t even remember that they once were children. 😀 Or that they were teenagers as well and wanted to be free… no wait, they got mostly rid of that glitch. Since in my school experience the teenagers were actually all calm and work oriented except a few individuals maybe. Really, just a few. Maybe there were a few more like me, “sleepers” or undercover agents. I don’t know and if so, I also don’t want to call names, since I don’t know what they are doing right now.

The problem with this information is, that it will not really help you, since it is only telling you that we are FUCKED, to say it pretty calm and in normal human language.

But as long as you don’t kill yourself, that is a start. Then you have to find a way to not get killed by others or brainwashed. Because killing is actually a pretty bad thing to do, so they will probably bring you to some place in which your mind will be erased or at least altered and then you get some medicine and therapy and people will know that you are crazy or have a mental problem. So they won’t take you that serious anyway. Oh and you will believe that and then also say that. No shit, some people my mother or relatives knew, even said themselves that they want to be called crazy. 😀 Almost like in 1984. You know. Almost. I wonder why.

Okay, but yes, as long as you know about all this, you have a chance to survive.

But it is a global thing and comes in many shapes and with different names.

In the end the islamic leaders, christian leaders, hindu l… and so on all work together, the countries do in their way and well the media. Luckily there is the filtering and so it might be, that in your country it is different. You never know, right.

Oh and back in my days there was a movie called “Die Welle” (The wave) and it showed an experiment with a school class. And at the end the teacher revealed that they were actually following the nazi regime and then stop the experiement, since otherwise the movie would have been not allowed. My mother also watched another version, probably some decades older. And the funny thing is, that last year a Netflix series was released which was also based around that idea. But this one was about a mixture of actual critique and showing left oriented people who were seemingly fighting against the regime, but in the end didn’t do a thing and just laughed.

The last scene was one girl who was called a psycho who had a gun and a bomb, while all others of this seemingly justice oriented movement were having a good time and did nothing. I wonder whether she blue that thing up or what. But hey, good that left is right and right is left.

My mother’s father actually had a problem with that as well, like literally what is left and what is right. He sometimes confused that when explaining a direction and stuff. He also said to my mother and her siblings that they should keep in mind that the others are “domme Jongs” (flat german? (“dumme Jungs” high german) (stupid boys). When he was talking about driving cars and such things. And also sometimes said, that they should not say or do some things when they are with people. So his children (my mother and her siblings) were saying something like: “But aren’t we people as well?” (Or maybe human, since they were talking flat german and not high german, but the meaning was similar, I think.) Well, he also liked when young people played music with electronic guitar and stuff, but was bound to his religous background and other stories. He also wrote poetry and music, even music which was probably different from the norm, since some so called music teacher told him that his music couldn’t be played with instruments and makes no sense in terms of music notes and rules. Well… look at modern music and my music and tell that again music teacher lady. It is like it was with people in the past. Teachers always knew better, since the teacher always knows better, especially when they don’t. 😀

(By the way, I actually prepare myself each day to be taken away by someone and also are alerted when I am going on a walk, since I have seen a few cars and police driving around sometimes. You know….) And I am pretty sure that I am being observerd and stuff. But as long as you out there are actually a living being and actually read the original post and not an altered version, which is possible, then I am thankful and hope you are alright and stay alive as well.

I mean, my cat could also spy on me, but I like her, so she is allowed to. And it is irrelevant anyway, since somehow the info has to get out and people have to think about things for themselves.

And again, I am not really having fun or anything. I am just beyond a point where I can care for my life or anything, since I was about to kill myself last year due to unclear reasons. I am still not sure whether I will actually reach anyone out there or if so, they will understand anything. If so, I hope you are knowing what you do and I am really, really sorry that I basically placed a target on your head. But I walked around with one my whole life and you as well anyway, you just didn’t know about it so far, so I actually just made your life expectancy a little lower, which is actually good since life is supposed to be endless anyway and death is just a relative concept of space and time. Although I still preffer to stay alive for now.

Okay, so what do you do with your new gained “life”? Do you talk about it? Do you run for your life? Do you laugh or cry or scream? Because the back of my head screams since my childhood for more reasons a human should know about.

Again, in a normal way of life, learning and living would be a great, funny adventure kind of thing, with new things each day and also no hurry, not much fear or none and also a lot of cool things. Luckily some special humanoid beings were friendly and took all of this from us, so we can watch our non-existing life fade away. What a story… hehe… what a story.

Well, and old people die a lot in my town. The ones who might have been able to tell what happened in the past. While a lot of younger people are totally brainwashed. And those like me who weren’t or only partially are, feel as if they are wrong and should be gone. Or are just alone.

It is no coincidence because this is not normal and not natural.

Thanks for reading, stay alive out there.

This is no joke.

Oh and these “invited church” people said video games weren’t good and that sharing things was also not okay, like sharing a game. You should buy it each. And do you know that video games with nazi symbolism are not allowed in Germany and had to be censored or altered to be allowed (e.g. Wolfenstein)? While the actual game was AGAINST NAZIS!!! Coincidence? I think… pancakes…

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