Do you want to die?

This is the core question of life.

And usually you should answer it with “Heck, no!” (or something ^^)

But usually it is more like “I am not sure, I guess we will all die anyway.”

When your answer still and always was that you want to live, then this is great. Keep that and don’t let go of it, but not everyone is like this.

My personal experience with this question was my life.

Since childhood the answer was something like: “I don’t know.” or when you would have wanted an honest answer “Just kill me, please.”

But there was this fear that it would only get worse after I die or that I won’t die because I was already dead (and such things).

Anyway, if you would have asked me when I felt good and found new hope (sometimes), I would have said: “What is the point in death anyway? It is nothing worth spending time for.” (meaning that I was all about the living, since I knew there was an endless amount of things I could do, could see, find, explore, experience and so on.

When for you the answer would be: “Yes, I want to die.” (or like mine: “Just kill me, please.”) you probably know more than most people. Or at least understood the situation you are in, even if you should only know a little.

The paradox thing about life at the moment is, that people who answer this question with “Yes” (or something similar) or are unsure about the topic, but interested, are those who want to live. When you have understood that no matter what you do (considering what would be normal for a human to wish for or want), you will only get as far as some others allow you and as long as you do what they want or accept, you can only want to think about death.

Do you feel safe?

This question is easily answered with: “No, sir.”

Because although I might not be in a war zone or should feel safe. I don’t.

Since I know that cruel people still rule this world.

But still I could and should say “Yes”, would I just consider my current situation, being in my house.

Today I feel safe, but a lot of people don’t. 😦

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