Paris – City of Love

France: known for revolution

Also France: known for french things

But for real, what a shame that we still or again have such weird rules.

I think even decades ago in some areas things were better, easier and more open minded.

By the way, this is just an example for the state of the world and the tip of the iceberg.

As usually.

Sleep well and good luck! 🙂 ❤

Funny how it turned out to be called “dangerous” that women could get a majority in something. 😀

As if they weren’t responsible for all the life there is, in a way. I wonder whether people who have problems with women had a mother. Maybe their father gave birth to them, would at least explain some of their believes and actions. At least of some people in top positions who feel endangered.

What else can we do… just hoping, supporting each other and opening up our minds and hearts.

Good night (or good day 😀 ).