Radio News

Well, I have recently heard in radio, that some people would finally want some norm again. Others pointed out that small companies, self-employed etc. suffer, while big companies profit, again.

And even some people in politics told, that they even had to force school lockdowns, so some people might wake up. Well, well.

But also the songs were interesting. Something about someone who wanted to stay and live his way, but wasn’t allowed to. About time passing by and some other old stories.

They even brought something about Nietzsche and that according to them, he couldn’t even read his own words in the end. 😀 But yea… it was some positive news.

They even called Putin one of the last “Staatschefs” (head of state) and that he waited until Biden was officially announced to congratulate. Wonderful news. 🙂

Oh and that some pro earth / environment groups kept fighting against some oil deals and some other things.

I even heard from the “Sorben” (Sorbs?) and their traditions. That they had a plan of change this year.

But told about it anyway. Because they used to take one of the girls (who was doing good the year before or was about to marry next year or sometimes also just someone they picked). And actually it was meant to be a secret, but yea… that is long done I guess. So they would dress her up, bind her eyes and then walk her around or something. According to them it was said to seem unearthly and mystic, since it was meant to be their “Christkind” (Christ Child) or something. It was said that a touch on the check would give blessing. And that the adults would also sometimes get a rot on their left shoulder which was said to bring health. At least when I didn’t misunderstand it or mixed something between hearing and typing, which sometimes happens. (Heh… sometimes…)

Oh and fireworks are not allowed this year and some politicians (I think) even said that they would wish it to be that way in the next future. Since it is damaging the environment and who needs that anyway.

When I was younger I sometimes thought it was cool, because I was just seeing it as colors, although the noise was sometimes annoying. Sometimes I also made fireworks, but usually I didn’t and if then not much. It was also pretty smokey afterwards, I mean obviously and a lot of garbage to collect, at least usually.

I also thought about old people or people who had trauma and such things and that for them this could seem like war, yea… right.

Well, I had my experiences, but when I should decide between a field full of flowers or a sky full of explosions, I am pretty sure a few flowers won’t hurt. (remembers the movie: The Happening, yeah about that… xD)

But I am optimistic. 😀

Although the children and teenagers at the school this noon, waiting for the bus, didn’t look all that happy. Not because of the bus or anything, but probably because they might not believe that this will actually safe them. I can just assume and hope they are happier soon.

Oh and that this deadly school stays closed. Spreading all kinds of virusses each day.

I even remembered a show I watched when I was a child, about american highschool. The was one girl who wanted to get sick of something, everyone in the class was sick, she even kissed sick people or whatever and still wasn’t sick. Then she had to make her presentation in front of the teacher, alone, since the teacher didn’t cared whether the whole class was sick, except for her. TV shows man…

Luckily I had some cool teachers from time to time or some who also lost hope, letting us watch movies with them or listening to music. I hope they are okay.

And what am I doing, posting weird things online, together with videos and music. Yep…

And I heard “E” is the new thing. Like in “E – wie einfach” (e – like easy), this add I have seen since my childhood I think.

Keep it simple. Stress can really make problems which don’t even exist, or shouldn’t. Depending on how you want to see it, I guess.

I mean there are problems which exist, a lot of problems, but when we would just stop doing these “important” things, like ignoring them and working in a job supporting them, then it might even be solvable in a short time or long, but that is all relative anyway.

I mean, what are a few months when there is a whole universe and million of lights years or something.

It was even funny how one of the (I think politicians) called out that speed is a vital factor. 😀

Indeed, my friend, indeed.

Some words are even slower .to read than others.

Like at night it is colder than outside or something.

Before I get more confusing talking nonsense: SAFE THE PLANET! SAFE LIFE! WAKE UP!

But hey, look what we got here. 🙃 🙂 🙃 🙂 🙃 😉

What am I doing with my life… 🤦

It seems something good… I can only hope.

People: Nope, you broke everything and you are a freak. Go home.

Me: Okay. *walks towards a bridge*

People: No we meant home to your family.

Me: *pulls out an anchor*

People: *confused*

Me: *binds it around my legs*

People: What are you doing?

Me: They captain leaves the boat at last.

People: Which boat? What captain?

Me: Look in the mirror f********************.

People: Me not understands these words. I will go to work now.

Me: *facepalms and accidentally falls down bridge*

Please don’t do that, we are here and alive. At least I am here, wherever that is.

I hope it is okay that I am still a little broken because of all the shit which is happening in the world and in my head.

Thanks for having you and thank you for not letting me down, although I did, eventhough I didn’t even know what was going on half of the time. :/

Sorry for my sometimes still terrible and confusing communication and that my head is a slaughtery and horror shit show… I didn’t ask for it, at least not like that.

Shame is really a cruel and powerful thing. It can make you or others do things which are way more horrible than the actual thing you did or thought you did. Or whatever actually happened.

That you are here with me, with us, is a good thing I would say. And that you are alive (even if you wouldn’t be, you are welcome 🙂 )

A community of free beings who live in friendship and through love.

What a world it would be. A world inside my heart, what I hoped for, but all I got was trauma, more trauma and then hate, anger, fear, depression, confusion and suicide. Well, quite the opposite of what was meant to be.

It was as if I was born with a happy smile and the older I got the lower it got, until smiling felt like this 😦 although for others it still looked like this 🙂

While in between I sometimes must have looked like this :-/ or 🤪

An whenever I tried to open up about all this, it was unwanted, overheard or misunderstood. And when I should have opened up, I felt ashamed, scared and then also guilty.

I really don’t want to have all of this mess going on for much longer.

All I wanted was real friends, was going on adventures with them, do unusual things, like nightly walks through the woods or such things and maybe relaxing on a boat on the sea. And even plant some plants or whatever and have some friendly contacts with animals, like I told you about. Or at least my trials to be friendly, although I probably scared them, since they were confused because usually humans kill, hurt or harm them in some way. Poor animals in the forest near my house. I hope they survive and maybe get the help they need, meaning, not so much traditional human actions (or garbage thrown down into the bushes…) or trees getting cut down a lot…

If some people would have just understood, that you can’t force things which are meant to be given as a present and by free choice.

When you usually grow up, or would grow up, you would see everything in a beautiful way. You could do a lot of things, try things and also wouldn’t feel and be alone. You would find out about things through either intuitive things or funny accidents and happiness. And do things with and for love. People and animals would naturally help each other, when necessary and live together in harmony. (Considering meat not being the main food factor in society anymore and hopefully not at all at some point. I would really have no problem with that, I really decide against it when I can. And also had a lot of positive experiences without eating it. It is just difficult when you grow up and everyone eats meat or expects it or then even says it is necessary. No shit, scientists had said that it is necessary, at least some years ago. Like … yea… eat or get eaten or what?

And now they say, eat gene-manipulated cucumber and bananas or what?

Are we apes or what? Well, apparently yes, since some people behave like them or even worse than dolphins and sharks. I mean, that was the message of Planet of the apes anyway, in case you didn’t get it back then.

While some people thought, that it was about actual apes… ha ha… yea…

Stay safe and sound and hopefully you smiled a little or cried or I don’t know.

I really don’t, but I hope the best and wish the best and again, sorry for being the mess.

But I guess we all are around here, aren’t we? But we love each other nonetheless,, friends.

Don’t we? 💛💚