The bridge in reach

After I watched “A Bridge Too Far”, I found these.

I actually cried several times while watching this movie (which can be found on the bottom of the last post).

I especially paid attention to all the hidden messages and obvious ones.

A movie which truely reminds and shows what’s wrong.

There was also one scene, in which there were soldiers sent to a house with a woman who also had some children. For the obvious part, the officer just asked for shelter and supplies for his men, since they were wounded. But between the lines I have heard messages and seen things I didn’t want to understand, but sadly had to. Nothing was shown and said in an obvious way, but it was wanted this way, since it was clear what was meant. At least for me it seemed, like a lot of the messages in this movie.

Especially the one about Poland and how the Polish opinion was ignored. How the guy who had clear evidence of enemy forces, got called sick and tired. And how they first had to face death themselves and despair, to realize that the whole war wasn’t worth it. The war of man… man-kind.

But many men had understood that or at least helped to make it visible, like movies like this one had shown.

There are always good people out there. And don’t judge an angel by their appearance or past.

And then also the poor grandma. The soldiers were occupying her house, breaking windows and such, so they could shoot through. Her son even said, that she didn’t like all these noise, but the general just meant, whether she didn’t get that we are in a war. And then when the soldiers were getting shot and the house bombarded, she was taking her hat and said that she can’t do this anymore. With all these people in her house and these things. So she went outside, just outside through the front door. Then she saw something and were waving her hands and calling “Taxi!”, but all she got was shot.

A matter of life and death, rather than winning or losing.

I hope we understand.

Love is so wonderful!

Why hate it?

Why fight it?

It hurts only, when you are the only one who gives.

Or when it seems like it.

Real love doesn’t hurt, it removes the hurt.

But sometimes it has to first hurt harder, to remove the bullet, so you just end up having a real bad head-ache, instead of a heart-ache forever or die. I think having a little pain, knowing you will live without it afterwards, is worth it, instead of having no pain at all, but then also no life in the end and no love, since you didn’t let it help you.

Love is not a person.

You feel it and share it.

And sometimes you see it.

Remember what I once wrote (in case you read it) about critique.

That in some cases support might be the best critique.

Sadly not everyone gets how love works.

So they can’t tell friend from foe.

And then shot everyone, just in case, while no one should have died.

But when possible, the raw truth, at least what is on your heart and mind, or might have found the way in your hands, be the best to do. Since the raw, the bitter truth, is the best to stop something.

Sadly it took many attemtps and is hard to speak it, in a world which is corrupted like ours and has been for a long time.

So again, know the risk, know the price, the consequences, the hopeful outcome and where you stand.

I can’t tell you what to do, because I am not allowed to do so. I am only a human and so you are, I guess.

At least a life, a soul, I bet. 😔

I can only tell you, that I am here and also aren’t planning on leaving any time soon. But it might not be up to me or what I want.

Thank you for your love and support and I also love you all! 💜 💙 💛 💕

Hand to the heart. Hands to the hearts, friends. Let those tears drop, let it happen, if you can. 😌