(Casual) Hope – Not /Gold / Rush

By the way, do you know why Dr. Rush is a very special name? No?

Well, because the doctor usually tries to rush, to get an answer, the rest of the crew either already knows, has time to find or is willing to find through other ways. Like rushing towards a Destiny which actually is pointless, when you are losing everything and everyone. But that’s a core message, hope you got it now.

The crew of the Destiny, all wonderful people, different people and they should be happy to have each other.

But one has to have it all, doesn’t he?

I remember that I once heard something about a hacker group related to the cicada. I think it also had a number. Back then I didn’t know much about it, but I think now I know that it is actually a hacker group which is so secret, that it technically doesn’t even exist. Meaning that they are technically not even hacking in a way you would expect. Like with computers.

The cicada hackers: 😂 What are you talking about? 😎

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