German spies as heroes during WWII

My mother already told me many times about a man or actually two men who were helping others with their rank during the second world war.

Maybe I have mentioned it before, but right now it seemed like a good time to write it down again.

The story began in a german school with a funny boy.

I don’t know the names or anything, but it was just boy making jokes in school, at least this is how it started.

He imitated some politicians and other people, like making sketches or something. And he could imitate their voices very good. It was pretty good and so, I think it was a teacher, he got told that he should better watch it. That it would bring him a lot of trouble.

And so it was. A while later, when the war was starting and you know… he was taken in and drilled to become a spy. All kinds of psycho drilling and what else. A lot of the others didn’t make it, went crazy or maybe disappeard (idk). For example they were woken up sometimes in the middle of the night and then had to immideatly be able to tell their fake identity in perfect russian, as if they have always lived there (and such things). He passed all the tests, although he of course didn’t want to do something bad.

Even one or some of the people responsible for the drilling etc. told him, that he should stay as he is. They knew that it wasn’t good what was happening and saw that this young man was stronger than they have been. These “drill seargants” (officers) also weren’t seen afterwards, probably they were shot or whatever happened.

Since this man now was sent out to be a spy (or at least something like that) in soviet russian, together with another one, they took chances. One thing I remember in particular, although I don’t quite remember how it came to be. During their mission they once came to a family (I think) which was hiding a jewish girl. And since they found out about it and knew that the others will kill her, they made a plan. So they took the girl with them, since she wasn’t safe with the family anyway, an easy target. And when they were driving with her, they were controlled by some other german soldiers or officials. At first they didn’t want to let them pass, but when he showed his rank and told them something plausible, that he was on an important mission or whatever, he was allowed to pass. Since he had a higher rank and priority.

So they were able to bring her to some church I think, where the people there were also not willing to kill innocent people and didn’t want what was happening. At least when I remember correct it was a church.

And this way this girl then survived. Maybe it was even with nuns, I don’t know, but at least they could hide her there.

I don’t know whether this man survived nor exactly all details, since I forgot some of it and maybe mixed a little bit up. But there have always been people on the good side, even in the darkest of times. Sometimes dressed like evil, dressed like those who were sent or said to kill. An angel can have many clothes and ways of appearance. Evil as well, no question, but it always comes back to a heart, at least in this case.

And there have been good russians, good americans, good japanese, good germans and many others involved in all these things. The nationality or origin was not important, since they wanted to live, safe live and used what they got to do good when they could. More than some people behind court walls and so called walls of justice have ever done, calling some of them criminals, while they weren’t any better, often worse.

A court is only as good as the judge or those who are responsible for the judgement.

And since actually judgement requires someone to be without any flaws or at least any bias / prejudice, the whole concept of judgement is actually irrational. Because when there will always be someone on top of another one, being able to judge or even execute them, while no one can judge them (but please not execute…).

If the judge would be the mother of the one who commited or was said to have done a crime, maybe a few things would have been different. Or when they were friends some time ago and remember again. Like I have shown somewhere through a few videos I found. In which there was a judge who recognized that the accused was once in her school, or even same class. That they knew each other and didn’t think that they would see each other like this. Then they cried and she even felt kinda sorry that she had to judge about his case and wished for him a better future. She also knew that he was a good guy back in school and probably got through this manly-world’s injustice on this path. I call this justice, since she actually knew who he was and could then make a decision based on that and also knew that he was really sorry when he cried and also didn’t want it anymore. But when I see a lot of judges or judgements, I think that they are as if the one to be judge is just a number, a damn criminal, scum or whatever. And as if they themselves are the “angels” in heaven. Even if they should have never done something wrong (which is paradox or nearly impossible), they still have no right to take a life or only decide upon a few facts or what they think, expect or whatever they base their decision on. Nor the other people involved. Most of it is based around minds and thought. Would they actually feel, they could feel whether someone is honest or not, whether they are scared or manipulative and such things. Empathy is only possible through a heart.

“Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten.” (In doubt for the accused.)

Sadly this usually seems just to be the case for real trouble makers and those on the top, since they can remove all evidence, alter it or whatever. And little people who might not even think about what is possible or haven’t done anything or at least not much, maybe just stole a few dollars for to survive, they get judged as if they have killed half America. No joke, I have heard from a case in which a young boy was caught stealing and they didn’t release him, since they always found new reasons for him to stay. I have even heard of cases in which people get several hundred years in prison, just in case… (talking about the U.S.).

I wonder what the judges and other “personal” would feel or have to say, should they sit in the accused ones chair.

“I did only my job. Following orders, my duty.”

Probably all they would say.

And this is also no solution, since then they would only find judges like this woman who remember her childhood or teenage years and then call her a problem and as if she was not doing her job right, since she knew the accused one. Wow… what a world. Are we still living beings or already demons inside robot bodies?

I don’t know everything, I also don’t want to know it all, sometimes it seemed I did know too much, at least more than most.

When you really understand what is going on and based on that actually know more about something, you are free to correct me and tell me what you know. That is the point of friendship, some kind of family, of being alive, together, finding out about things and also enjoying and feeling good about having us.

The “smart” people, those who think they are intelligent, since they know a lot, they are usually the reason why things go down. Because a knowledge of the universe in their minds or hands, would give them nothing, mean nothing and at worst only gives them the ability to turn everything into garbage, broken and confused. At least this is how it feels and seems. Since in order to be intelligent, you don’t have to know a thing, just be able to learn new things, understand things, be able to connect dots or simply follow your intuitive feeling. Usually women are better at this, since they used their heart. But yea…

When you can look inside someone’s heart and also be able to give them a chance to change, then you might be able to make a judgement towards them. At least then it would be something which would actually be based on undeniable facts. Because if a heart is dark as the night there usually was a reason and if you can see what someone did, feel what they felt or those (in case it was against other) they hurt, then you know what is necessary. Blood on a knife is so old school, so easy to fake, especially these days. I hope you understand.

If an empathic (or what I learned is related with this) one can do, but is dangerous for themselves, when the other one is stronger. Not by muscles or height or whatever, but the hate or anger for example (in other cases they could instead feel the sorrow and cry for or with them). So an empath who went beyond the “I am here to help everyone” state and started to stand for themselves, but are still willing to help, when they can and it might be needed, they might be very good and needed. But I think it is dangerous and difficult, since in order to become this strong, it could be that they leave there empathy behind. When their hurt and pain and pressure gets too big and they can’t fight back against it. It is a shame when an empath goes down and turns into a toxic or just broken soul, maybe instead of healing and helping, causing (more) trouble, out of their then empthy or over-used heart.

I am not sure whether I am able to do that, since I am with the weaker gender (man), at least I am in this body.

So I can’t fully trust things, I guess.

I also still have a very broken mind, besides all the progress and good I was able to recover and repair.

Mistakes are normal, but these things are things which haunt me, although I actually didn’t do them.

I will write more about it in another post I guess, since I came from german spies to empathy and my mind again. Random central theme, as always. 😀

Stay safe and don’t lose hope! ❤ 💕

And don’t forget, you can do what I do, if you want or have to. 🙂

Although you probably shouldn’t do some of it and I also hope you won’t ever have to go through some of it. But maybe you already went through worse. In that case, I am with you and hope we will make it. Thank you that you are here with me. 😥😔😌 💜