Before it might be too late

Change is always possible, for the worse and for the better.

We can change, others can change, something can change, all the time.

Even at the darkest point of a dystopian paradise.

But the darker it gets, the harder it might be.

Impossible, word of fiction.

Or more like someone forgot to set the spaces and signs.

I’m possible, word of fiction.

Imposter, word of fabrication.

Or more like someone forgot to set the spaces and signs.

I’m poster, word of fabrication.

Scary when the poster is not only possible, but speaks.

Scary when it is alive and screaks.

Or more like someone forgot to remove the voice, movement and sight modules.

Almost as if they wanted it this way.

Almost as if it was indeed a possibility.

Even a machine (once human before?), might be able to safe humanity.

But when it already had to come this far, what were the actual ones doing with their life?

Would it even be logical to safe them, from the perspective of a machine?

I would say, as long as there is one cell left, life is not lost and hope didn’t leave.

Luckily we have still a lot of cells, a lot of people, a lot of life and living being.

I wish it would stay like this and instead of reducing it, either letting it be or increasing it, depending on what we speak of. The amount of trees should be increased, no doubt, the amount of animals as well and some might even got lost already, or maybe have to come to life again?

Maybe with the trees their life will come back, how should you know, how should I know?

Did you create them?

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