Human Rights Day

But we are almost in the 30s again.

The previous ones.

This is about all of us.

What a shame

the 10th December.

It shows some people never lost their old spirit, to want to control and not let us live forever.

Call it normal that people die after a few decades or hundred years.

This isn’t and shouldn’t be, but they make us die because they want us dead and brainwashed.

China is just doing it in a more obvious way, like something to point the finger towards.

Looking back to the 20s and 30s of the past, it was also made this way.

A few people were presented as the evil ones and everyone else helped killing, catching, torturing, breaking and burning them. Because when you do nothing against it, and not everything in your power, you support it.

Often little children do more against such things than so called grown ups, who simply follow the orders.

War with weapons is no solution, it is the problem.

War with fear, terror and psychological torture is the root of it.

The german government supports it, willingly or not.

Some people here and all around the world, they want this, but I don’t want this concentration camp life.

Legalized, normalized or simply ignored.

Wake up!


  1. War with weapons is no solution, it starts the problem, You are right!

    Do you think that a world with WAR or SUFFERINGS can exist?

    Looking for your answer my🤔.

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    • I mean, I have told you about my experiences, so I am pretty sure about it. Although I wouldn’t say eating raw meat was a funny experience, I did it and am not proud of what I found. About the actual world with war and suffering, I would like point out that it is possible and that a world without is possible as well. Either way you meant it. It is highly possible, but always a risk. And although maybe a few things like pain from a wound, could still be a thing, it would only be natural and a normal thing. While usually there then wouldn’t be suffering and pain. Since pain is always and only a signal from your body, telling you that something is not alright. Usually you shouldn’t have a feeling of pain or such things and I have had all of the feelings, good, bad, ugly ^^ but I knew that I was thankful for all of them, since they were only a reaction of things and also not endless in either way, although the love is something which would be. Imagining that “suffering” would only be a temporary thing, maybe caused by a wound or something, when accidents could happen. And that usually things would actually be cool, awesome and full of actual love and happiness. And when you would want to cry (for some reason) you could just watch an old movie or play a game and then realize that you don’t war and crimes and such things ever again. But there is the illusion that we already are in this world without war and suffering. An almost perfect illusion for some. And it is difficult to sometimes see through it, since it is half-truth and stuff. I think people in positions with higher influence can make statements and always did as best as they could. For example through some stories you have seen here and there.

      Would all people (who want to live in actual peace and without violence) get together, we could learn from each other and make it happen. In a way it already happened and always did in some way, but usually was still a difficult thing to do. From my personal experience, sound, like some music for example or some words, are the best weapons. Because your brain and heart (over all the body) have a direct reaction towards them. At least when there is meaning within them and not just scripted propaganda or whatever. I have seen it with family, friends and myself. Both it a positive and a negative direction. I hope it helped and wasn’t too confusing. In case you have a question, just ask again, and I will try to explain it with other words, when necessary. 🙂


        • I am trying to tell, that a non-violent medium can be both used as a weapon for and against justice or freedom. While weapons like guns are usually not helpful when it comes to freedom and peace. And that it is also a lot easier to make people stop with certain frequencies (make their ears bleed / or make the people cry) than shooting them. I mean ask the military about that, if you want to know about war tactics.


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