Not what? NoT Stand?

I can not stand laws?

They do not stand laws?

We are n not stand laws?

Enough of this Not.

Enough of this.

Not enough.

There was enough Not already.

Not (german) = misery / emergency

Notstand (german) = state of emergency

When you think about what people did since always, but found cool since WWII:

When you understand that the G with the well made a number flip, you see the date of the year in which he had written it.

I heard in a radio channel I sometimes “consult” an interesting message.

It was about how you can only find reality in science fiction (and alike).

Another time I heard a story about a village, and audio play.

I think it played in some kind / time of Russia and was about a young woman with her grandmother and a young man from St. Petersbourg. She and her grandmother were considered witches or at least hated by the village. The grandmother could read minds and knew about ways to follow someone in secret without the body and such things. And the young woman also knew about these things because of her.

Although the young man from the city was sometimes a little scared of her, thought that she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Even tried to stand against the police and other people in the village. Wanted to run away with her. But the grandmother didn’t like him and he also had to go back because of work. Then there was something about the young woman and that the people were calling her a witch and there was trouble. But then I stopped listening because my mother came back from buying a few things.

The thing is, that the young woman told him that she could follow him and wrap her hands around his throat, while she would be invisible to him, not even there. And at one point this seemed to have happened.

I don’t know the title nor the author or anything, just the radio channel.

Well, and that there often are very interesting stories, music and such things.

Many people are trying to find the flaws and also similarities in things. And ways in which we can actually learn from each other in peaceful, constructive and also funny ways sometimes. Also to respect and understand what happened to people and that someone who might be scary or do weird things, doesn’t have to be evil, dangerous or not right in the head. Maybe they are often just misunderstood, alone and then have turned in some way crazy out of misery and loneliness. Not as an excuse… but you know.

And sometimes a scientist, a priest and a witch, might have more in common then they first assumed. Depending on the openess and acceptance level of them. Because some people are just so fanatic and “hardcoded”, that they ignore, hate and even destroy anything which is just a little different from what they can accept or control (or whatever). But not everyone is like that.

But as long as you can long beyond, in whatever way, you have a hope.

Some things should not be, like taking other lives, but if you just dream of wonders, who should blame you for that?

And please, don’t take my words and build wall and houses.

Find your own.

Or borrow those you need.