Too many doors

But you can open them,

close them,

swing them,

break them,

repair them.

And hey, I can see that sometimes a door should stay closed.

At least when you don’t want to open it.

And some doors might not be all that scary after all.

Or like my mother dreamed once, the big light, the truck didn’t scare her, but the small light, like from a bicycle.

The brightest door might not be the one you want, while even in a dusty cabin, you might be able to have a good time.

With friends, no door seems so much of a challenge and not everything has to be walked through in the way others might fear it.

Like a movie is on a screen, while a mirror might be your reflection.

So there is hope for better days, even if the credits seem to roll.

Maybe it was just a funny trick like in a movie I once saw, where the credits shown first, where just fake or at least not at the end.

You only expect the credits at the end or the beginning, since it seems to make sense and feels right.

But there is a weird and maybe funny saying in german: “Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.” (Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.)

Although you can argue what it means, I think it just tried to make fun of dramatic end scenarios and painful goodbyes or such things.

And the worst thing I have heard: “Alle guten Dinge gehen einmal vorbei.” (All good things will pass one day.)

Who said that they won’t come again or have to be gone at all? Who ever said there is only this and that?

And who…. (and he threw these silly questions around again, knowing the answer, while not knowing it. Funny how he writes with discomfort, while it comforts him to know that things might turn out good after all.) Knowing that not everything has to have a decision and that sometimes just existing is okay.