Next year will be… Hel…p!

Hopefully next year will be better than this year.

At least we still have each other in a way.

Hey, we just try not to die and help each other with it.

So far it worked, while other people have other problems, for example cutting grass in winter time…

As if cutting grass is needed at all, but hey…

And as Malinda said, we should try to be less depressed and also not make us numb instead.

Well, yea… and still we are here, although I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not.

Or like the Stronghold 2 spearmen used to say (at least in german): “Ich bin sehr verwirrt.” (I am very confused.) Poor men, having sticks in their … hands. Well, at least they didn’t have to … suffer that long.

Did I say something? (well, of course…)

The good thing about things is, they are.

(Okay… What is the deeper meaning in any of this?)

Eh… I think it is… yeah… I don’t know.

(Great. Well, then stop spreading sense without a meaning.)

You mean “nonsense”?

(You know what I meant.)

Always these riddles…

(Without them things wouldn’t be fun! *laughs in greek*)

Actually they depress me, especially when at the end the whole riddle was just a piece of cake.

(But then you could at least eat something.)

A cake out of paper and paint.

(My bad… it was so tasty I couldn’t withstand.)

Well… great. First you make a riddle, then you tell me that there will be cake or whatever when I solve it, only to see that it was fake like the riddle and you took it all for yourself.

(Hey, if you don’t have cake, just eat bread. Or was it… Wait…)

Was this a reference to: “If they have no bread, why don’t they eat cake?”

(You heard what the queen said.)

You mean what some people said, the french queen or first lady or whatever said some hundred years ago?

(Eh… xactly… What was the topic?)


Although I still don’t understand most of it and eventhough I paid money to get russian learning material some months ago, I still didn’t really learn. But I hear the sadness and almost weep or cried. The sound of a voice is what matters and what you feel, the words can say the truth or not. Sometimes it isn’t even all that clear anymore what actually is true, at least from where the voice speaks and about what it sings.

Deep sorrow and sadness got a hold of us, when usually what we wanted was just to live.

Or am I just speaking for myself? To myself again?

We who know what isn’t good (like a lot) in this world and that there is death everywhere, while it wasn’t meant for us, we are losing hope, again and again. Like a small light in the dark, just enough to make us wonder, only to disappear again and leave us in the dark. A colorful dark, but it is still dark.

What is it what the others want? It isn’t hope, it isn’t love, it isn’t fear, it isn’t joy, nor truth or justice and yet they scream for it, while pushing injustice. Or are they just silent and no one speaks? Only a machine without a heart?

How many have to die, how many times? Until the others notice, it isn’t worth it.

And now they even want to make us live forever through weird science, to make us work forever.

A perfect hell for everyone, while a few can play games with us or themselves.

Some people say, that we are monkeys again. Or want to be monkeys and when I look at some people, this might be. But I just want to take what we learned and live as we are, with the good what we all got.

The ones who did wrong by pushing all guilt towards others, should get time to think and the ability to see what could be and what they did (and such things). Because if you call “killing” justice, what is justice then? Death?

Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to make them see what they did, what they destroyed?

There are multiple forms of doing this and many already started and some always did throughout history.

As long as there has to be violence as a cause of violence, there will never be justice, never be life, never be the freedom and harmony I wished for. Ideal worlds shouldn’t exist and can’t exist, when you try to create them, while they already exist(ed). When you can speak with the animals, you know you are one of them. And if they want to be on your side, you know they accepted you.

Why do people think they have to make them do things?

If you want to ride a horse and the horse likes you and you care for it, why wouldn’t it let you ride? Especially when it might not have allowed any other human to do so? Humans tend to think that they have to “educate” in form of punishment (often violent or psychological or both). They don’t consider that something or someone might want to learn or do something our of free will and love because in their world(s) such things don’t really exist. If even then only for them, in some weird way.

So they just look at a tiger and say it is evil or they just kill it for its fur or whatever they think, do and say.

But I know a story in which a man heard a tiger cry and shout somewhere in a jungle (I think). When the man found the hurt tiger, he saw that there was something stuck in his paw. Maybe some wood, I don’t remember exactly. So the man came near the tiger and noticed him that he wants to help. And the tiger let the man help and so he did. He removed this debris and maybe cleaned the wound as well (or what he did).

Afterwards the tiger was so thankful that he didn’t want to leave this man. (I actually don’t remember whether it was a he or a she). And the saddest part about the story was, that the man couldn’t take the tiger with him. When he left the land with a ship, the tiger even tried to swim behind it and then drowned. And I heard that tigers usually don’t like water that much. So much about evil and brutal animals…

This tiger probably would have eaten potatoes, if he/she could have gotten with this man.

I even heard that some cats ate chocolate, so why can’t tigers eat potatoes? Science… people…

What do they really know or want to know?