Voidnich | Liafnaki | Tape 3

Pailoni System, BX-156-3

“We catched a signal!”, said Commander Peringar towards the rest of the crew. “It came from the the second moon of BX-156-3. A strange message I couldn’t reckognize as any we have ever received previously. It seems as if they are some kind of humans, at least they look pretty similar to us.”

“If it wasn’t gas lightning.”, wishpered the computer specialist Marvis with amusement.

“What did you say?”, Commander Peringar didn’t understand the humour and his ears also didn’t seem to be the best anymore.

“Nothing, sir.”, Marvis stopped smiling and put on his poker face.

“Good… now I want to show you the message.”, as her tried to find the recording in the board computer. “There it is.”

He pressed the play button.

Nothing happened.

He pressed it again, still nothing. Then after a few seconds the screen flickered a few times, then it went out.

“MARVIS!!! What the heck!?”, Peringar turned around and was between angry and confused. Probably one eye was more confused and the other more aggressive. It surely was a weird facial expression.

“I don’t kn…”, as Marvis tried to explain that he also had no clue.

“Just take a look and fix that damn thing. Since you added this new speed change feature there are a lot of these happy little accidentes.”, the words were in a harsh tone, in a trial to hold back the anger.

Since Marvis had ignored Commander Peringar’s strict order to never modify the board computer system, if there isn’t an important change needed. Probably Marvis or some of the crew members thought, speeding up or slowing down some camera footage was such an important change.

“Well, until our beloved Marvis got this little problem fixed, we might take a look on these …”

“ALIEN WOMEN! Finally my dream came true.”, shouted out both in surprise and fascination by Dean, the biologist. The crew usually calls him Hunter, since his surname is Lunter. I guess we can spare the silly word game the crew made.

Commander Peringar cleared his throat: “Well, it seems Marvis fixed the problem. I was just about to say ‘human-like life forms’ and yes, maybe a dream came true. Because for some reason we didn’t find any signs of advanced technology. At least no signs of energy and to us know ways of modern civilizations. Not like all the other civilizations we found during the mission. There was only this signal coming from this moon, although it didn’t seem to be the only habitable celestial body. The planet also has signs of life.”

He put up a few diagrams and names on the holoscreen.

“Liam and Jasmin, you will take the bee and take a look. Hopefully you two are a little more… sensitive.”, with the last word he looked at Dean again.

By the way “the bee” or Traph-X1.42.B, was one of the small transport, observation and investigation ships. Usually big enough for 20 people plus cargo, but for the moment it seemed wiser to not risk anything.

While Liam was preparing some devices and Jasmin was checking all system of the bee again, another message came in.

Although the crew didn’t understand what this species tried to tell them, if it even was meant for them, it somehow felt calming and peaceful. Pedro, the language and culture specialist pointed out, that the two messages might be actually different languages. It seemed different from the first message, but still somehow the seemed to be related. Besides Hunter’s shocked mimic, after he saw the one who was telling the message, the crew felt a deep joy while listening to these messages. A feeling unlike anything they had experienced in their long journey. Something was definitely not normal with this species, these alien life forms.

When Jasmin saw the message after someone told her about it, just laughed about Hunter and told him, that he should finally grow up. The rest of the crew didn’t understand what she meant, but Liam also smiled a little, almost unnoticable.

“I bet they have cookies.”, said Jasmin with a bitter sweet smile. Again, no reaction of the crew.

“Ah come on guys…”, a little disapointed she added with a dramatic tone, “Come to the dark side!” and then after a short break, with a more child like tone “We have cookies!”

Liam couldn’t hold back his laughter, while the rest of the crew was just looking at each other and Commander Peringar had his questioning look. Probably thinking about whether it actually was a good idea to let these two lead the “contact mission”.

Jasmin just walked out of the room with a wave of her hand: “You guys really have no humour.”

“As the lady said.”, added Liam and followed her, towards the bee.

A few hours later they landed on the moon of BX-156-3.

Down there a whole new world awaited them. They were not sure whether they should take off their helmets, since either the environment could hold unknown sickness or substances or they themselves could spread some. So they decided to keep them on, at least for the moment. But what they saw was magical.

A magical forest.

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