(It’s) still beating

Life, as you know it.

Life, when it seems you are about to win.

Looking at the screenshot after I took it, actually speaks more than I intended it to show.

Actually I just played a multiplayer round in (Mount&Blade II) Bannerlords, actually the warmup phase.

(Why did I blur everything…)

Nothing spectacular, it really isn’t. But after a little fighting, I realized I got a spear right into my heart. Or at least somewhere near it. And that was all at first. Then I thought, well, that looks kinda representative for how I usually feel in a way (both of these, depending on how safe and sure about myself I feel). Okay, this is just a game character, but yea…

And now I looked at the health bar and saw that I only had half a life left (half of the hitpoints).

Then I realized that one player on my side left the game in between the two shots.

You can see that in the first picture both sides seemed equal: 4 vs 4, Empire vs Empire, 03:03 (okay, thats just the timer 😀 )

And then all of a sudden it is 3 vs 4 and 03:18, actually seems like a lost game. But I took this picture for the “I am going to win” feeling. Very interesting. Also that there is a 300 at the bottom right (the points or honor or whatever to buy better equipment and such things).

Actually all these things were not important for me and are coincidence by my original intentions. All I tried to show, was the spear near or in the heart and then thought, well I could show how I usually feel. That’s it.

And now this is kinda weird as usually, but hey… 😀 It was something, you must admit. ^^

Probably boring or weird as usual, I know, but tell this my brain, it just does these weird things, Idk.

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