Inventions vs Inventor

“The best inventions were made by women.”

It is a claim and also a tribute to those who were forgotten, or willingly ignored.

To make it actually more accurate, the best inventions were made by both, men and women together. Either through inspiration, diverse and yet concluding ideas or the ability to work together and not against each other.

I have heard a lot of stories throughout my life, in which women had to name themselves as men or get a male friend, brother or husband to publish something in their name. Why you might ask?

Well, for women or other lovely, yet oppressed beings, it is pretty obvious. First of all, the typical man wants to present himself or his “kind” as the superior one. Then, they are also scared of others who aren’t supposed to know or understand more. And, if you want to stay in power, you have to make sure that noone who might be able to “throw you over board”, is able to. Either by law, social standards or whatever they might come up with.

I usually considered more feminine people to be more kind, creative, wise, understanding and caring, as well as intelligent. More masculine people might be more direct, want fast and clear results (from others) and can’t stand that they are not understanding a thing or have control over it. They might also think they made something possible through their doing, while in many cases they actually did the opposite and only when they wanted something, let it happen (or forced it).

And for me it was kind of logical, that everyone can do anything / everything, in a way. That it didn’t mean that someone is something or isn’t and can or can’t do a certain thing, just because of their appearance, origin or (hi-)story. (I almost wanted to write his-story… my grammar…)

When there is an equal amount of feminity and masculinity, there is a high potential to be a great inventor, explorer and overall world changer or even creator (depending on the scale :D).

Which doesn’t mean, that you have to have both. I personally think, that actually the feminine “side” is the one, which is capable of the cool, useful and greatest things. And the words “feminine” or “masculine” are actually pretty old and maybe outdated, at least when you understand, that they make more trouble instead of helping. Maybe this is why there were words which were neutral (or at least could be seen as such), like “friend” or “family”. Anyone can be a friend and family could be where your friends are and doesn’t have to be the one you were born in. Sometimes a family can be very oppressing and controlling, as if you should be thankful for everything the did or that they gave you life.

Sometimes it is more complicated, since some people in a family might be on your side, might be some kind of friends, while others try to get rid of you or at least want to stop your “silly” ideas or they just don’t know what they want. Still the concept of a “family” is a neutral thing. It should be about helping each other out, when there is the need for it. To encourage, protect and learn from each other. To strengthen each other (which doesn’t always mean to get muscles or withstand immense pain) and give support when necessary, but also give freedom to let you do your own thing, if you want to. To always be there, whenever you might need help again or catch you, in case you are falling into or help you out of a (rabbit) hole.

For me the difference between the words friendship and family are actually just context related. When I feel pain and pressure or think about a lot of negative experience with both of them, I separete them. But when I remember or think of good things or just things in a bigger spectrum, they sometimes seem to be the same. Although there are of course reasons why they are separate things (sometimes). It depends on what you relate these things with and in which way you experienced and saw these things.

Why can’t your parents (when you have good ones or maybe some who could change their mind) be your friends?

Why can’t a friend you found somewhere (when you really feel connected with them), be your brother or sister?

And yes, we already had some of this, if not all, already mentioned at some points.

Now I have something about a great woman, mentioned by a great woman. 😀 And what I might have mentioned as well at some point, at least I hope.

The Sketch

Lovelace – The Origin


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