Ecila and the palace [4]

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During the night, the children were sleeping already, Ecila sat next to the oven and couldn’t sleep at all. Then she had small foot steps. It was Azile who came towards her.

Azile: “Mommy, I had a dream, a terrible dream…”

She pressed out the words as if she couldn’t breath, inwardly and with a few tears running down her face.

Ecila: “Come here my little angel.”

The mother opened up her arms towards her little child and invited her to sit on her lap. Azile slowly, still the horror in her eyes, walked towards her mother and then embraced her uncommonly strong. Ecila couldn’t remember her ever getting embraced this strong from her children or maybe ever before.

Ecila: “What was it about, this dream you had?”

She also wrapped her arms around her little daughter and gently pressed her against the shoulder and near the heart.

Azile: “I have seen the people bringing a lot of wood and… and then they piled it up. And when…”

She started crying again, but the others seemed to still be sleeping. At least there was no reaction from their side of the house.

Azile: “When they were finished they came to our house and the guards were dragging you away. No .. no… they … And when I tried to stop them, I was held back by the neighbours. They brought you to the piled up wood and then tied you on a wooden pole on top of the other wood. The neighbours brought me there and forced me to watch, while someone brought fire and then… then… NOOO… I can’t… they can’t… NOOO…”

She cried even louder now and Ecila tried to comfort her and calm her down, although even for her this dream was terrifying. How must her daughter feel then, she couldn’t imagine. But what should she do and will they actually do that? Was it a vision of the next day or just her daughter having a nightmare because of what happened today? It was not clear nor did Ecila want to think about it too much. But she also couldn’t tell her daughter that “it was just a dream”, like her mother always told her, until one day, it wasn’t just a dream.

Ecila gave her daughter a strong and warm kiss on her forehead and held her in a way that they could look each other in the eyes.

Ecila: “Azila, my angel, no matter what happens tomorrow, I will always be with you, right here.”

She pressed her left hand on Azila’s heart or at least where she thought it must be.

Ecila: “And don’t forget your sister and your brother. They will also be on your side. Ellibys will take care of you, until you are old enough yourself. And my angel, you have a good heart and a strong heart, don’t let someone rob it from you.”

Although Azila didn’t really understand what her mother meant with the last sentence and was still terrified because of her dream, she smiled a little and let her head fall against her mother’s belly. Ecila had a few tears herself, but smiled as well. Both trying to make each other feel better.

They couldn’t know for sure, what the next day would bring, although the dream was a dark sign not to be ignored.

After a while Ecila brought her little daughter back to her bed and put the blanket over her, so she wouldn’t freeze. She often sleeps without it or puts it away during her sleep, she remembered. How odd that she had to think about this just now, Ecila thought. Wasn’t it also the same with herself not long ago?

Azila was already fallen asleep and so she also went to her sleeping place, although she would probably still not get to sleep.

Still awake she stared at the wooden ceiling above her head. It seemed so great and majestic all of a sudden and she so small, little like a child. Big walls surrounding her, former trees giving her shelter.

To be continued…