Sometimes love can be violent

Sometimes it had to be. But maybe not in a way you think.

Only because you are able to do something for someone, doesn’t mean you have or want to do it. But real love will make you do things, sometimes good and sometimes bad and sometimes it just is crazy. But compared to a machine, love is the most natural and sane thing to have and spread.

It is (in) your heart or in you, when you let it be and others let it be as well.

You can find it again, feel it again, even if you think it is long gone.

That’s the great thing about it, it can always come back, if you let it.

But if you became the machine, love seems like the monster.

A violent act is not justified by love, but could be caused related to it.

Often when you or someone can’t accept or understand, that love is nothing you can “own”, “control” or “harvest”. Especially when you think that someone or something will offer this love to you, but only them and when they don’t want anymore or can’t, you force them to or throw them away.

This is not how it works. Love is an everlasting thing, if you are open for it.

And please, don’t take the word for it or what it might be related to.

I had to understand, that it often was easier for me to feel, see and understand things, without knowing the word nor explanation for it.

Like looking at your hand, and in case you are a typical human or human at all, you see five fingers. You don’t need someone to tell you that there are five fingers, so why do some people try to do this? (Exemplary speaking)

Sometimes a hug in public, is more violent, than cutting of a head of a villain. And even a snake won’t die like this, at least not at first.

A man once found a big snake in his garage or what is was and then was able to cut of the head. But the snake still moved around, at least couldn’t bite him anymore, so he had to leave the room. When he came back later, the whole room (I am not sure whether it was a garage or something else) was shattered, but then the snake was dead.

Why was this? Well, the heart of the snake, at least as far as I know, is in its tail. It is also a misconception that something dies, when you cut off the head. Why? Because the thing which makes it live is the heart. At least usually. 😀 This is why instead of a “headshot” some people actually aimed at the art, to stop someone in a last attempt. For example police officers or military. But in my case, the good ones. Since they did it only in a last attempt and preffered to shoot in the hand or arm or just in the air, or not at all, if possible. Mainly talking about german police when I was younger or maybe still.

We live in a world in which an honest embrace is almost a violent act.

Please wake up and don’t hate or fight in actual violence. Love each other.

And again, don’t forget, there are a lot of good people.

Not every police officer is bad, in fact, a lot might even be good or could be good. As I have seen in a post by someone else. And also know from my own experience. (Since I lived in a police building almost 9-10 years and even had fun with them a few times. 😀 )

Or as someone said: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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