Energy and solutions for every (related) problem

Actually this was it, but I think, that not everyone gets it.

So I will try to use some words.

When you understand, that the solution to a problem could be, to step back for a while, instead of rushing towards it, you might see that there wasn’t a problem after all.

Okay, too philosophical (or whatever)?

And no, it doesn’t work always and in every situation, but who knows.

So the problem with energy is, that actually in some form it is everywhere and everything (or at least a lot of things, I am not sure ^^).

And so why is the search for an energy soltuion so crazy and not logical in a way?

Well, because you (should) have it in yourself, it should be found in your garden (if you have one) and in the still natural places. Besides some city power plants of course.

What made the “energy problem” a “problem” or even crisis?

Like usually, it was the need to greed.

Someone: Nice rhyme bro.


Someone: It was a joke.

Thanks anyway.

Someone: This guy is a hopeless case. xD

I thank to that as well.

Someone: Stop thanking me for stupid comments, continue with your topic. Please!

Than.. okay.


When I was in school or maybe it was on TV? I heard someone explaining life and creation with something like this: “Once there were some cells and they loved each other so much, that they got together.” 😥😭💕

And since the scientists also didn’t really came up with something better, why is it important anyway? Why not just enjoy it? But for a lot of people this is already too much to ask for.

Also this sentence I heard a few times this year (or something like it): “Men will try to teach you, but this doesn’t make them any smarter.”

Again, the men or man, is not the problem as a whole. It is more a tendency and also historical and maybe biological “trend”?

Okay, so what is a problem which should have been “fixed” by now, but is still or maybe even more than ever “spreading”? At least in some areas or minds?

It is something like: “You can’t find or have a solution for <problem xyz>, since you are <xyz>!”

If you would get rid of this stupid idea, then a lot of other problems would simply disappear.

Someone: Sick.

Are you?

Someone: No, this “idea”.

Eh… yea…

Okay, so now that we understood that basically anyone or maybe even anything could find or be a solution (in a way) or offer a solution, then there is a lot of joy, adventure and happiness. At least could and should be. Instead of depression, confusion and despair or madness and anger all around us.

Some guy: But now we still have this energy problem crisis thing. I thought you wanted to tell us how to fix it?!

Yes, yes…

Okay. When you have an energy problem, where did it start?

Some guy: In your ass? I don’t know.

Man… language.

Some guy: Get to the point!

See, this is the problem, patience.

Some guy: ?

No, I am not talking about waiting forevery or something, I personally hate patience, when there is no reason for it. But sometimes some things just happen and need a little time. Like a recharging battery, a fever you have to fight (or technically use to fight the sickness or something like that). Then patience is a good thing, but not when it is about something like having fun. Because we often have way too few of it or none of it, or sometimes even think something is fun because we couldn’t find or feel the actual one.

Take me for example, I had fun while being around with a bunch of drunk class mates, while I wasn’t drunk and I even felt drunk or acted like it. So I didn’t even need to get drunk, to be drunk and still have fun. 😀 Mainly because they did weird things or talked funny. ^^

But no, alcohol is not what I need nor recommend, but often it seems necessary, to feel, at least I assume. And in history it might have helped people to forget, ignore pain and fear or other things. I know.

A little alcohol doesn’t kill you, at least usually, but there is a difference between needing it and just having it.

The same goes for energy problems.

Do you need energy? Like electricity or movement energy for cars and all that? And what do you have?

Can’t it be, that you often use or even have more than you actually need?

When we go back to a time without access to electricity, at least in a public way, what do you see?

I see problems.

But the wrong conclusion would be, that electricity or energy generators, machines and such things changed them. Because when I look around me nowadays, I see the same, if not more problems (in some areas / fields), than before. Sadly a lot of people still think that the technology and all these things, made things a lot better.

Don’t get it wrong, they made a lot of things possible and better, of course, if not then I would say something like: “What did these people smoke or drink?”

But they forgot at some point, that they should enjoy their creations, inventions and findings. Otherwise they would just create and create and experiement and so on and never really pay attention or enjoy the actual thing, nor find critical problems with it. Like Zero-Day bugs and leaks in operating systems for example or atomic catastrophies like in Chernobyl, Fukushima and a lot of other regions (which were either forgotten, covered up or simply ignored).

I have said positive things about new nuclear power technology, since it was or seemed better developed and improved than the old one. But this doesn’t mean, that I am supporting it. Nor do I support all these windmill and water generator things and solar panels. But then I would deny or go against almost anything like these.

Why do I go against these things?

The better question should be: Why do we need these things?

And the real question should be something like:

Why do you not understand, that these things usually break at some point and that this is not natural or logical (in a way)?

I already shared something about it and probably wrote about it in other posts. The problem is still and always was greed. Or related things.

Because when you would “get rid” of this problem, a lot of other problems would “automatically” disappear. Meaning, that people who were working for or trapped in the greed “mechanism” system or whatever, could then focus on actual solutions and also enjoy life, like it is supposed to be.

The doctor tries to find solutions for sicknesses, which develop because of pain, stress, over-work, pressure and everything related to it. While these things actually come from the original greed or control problem and need for more.

Not everyone wants more, needs more or wants to control. I think that actually children often have the ability to live without these things, since they learn through playing games, that there is no need to pressure yourself, to worry and also to exclude others or make things harder than they are and all that. At least this is what children used to do when I was little and hopefully some do to this day.

This is why children are usually the better problem solver, because they don’t have this “greed” mindset placed or “hammered” into their heads. Either by some schools, some TV shows or other people and things.

And again, the individual thing, the one teacher, this specific show and so on, they can even help and support children. But I am talking about how they can and are used in most cases.

I for example was actually lucky and still had a lot of good teachers and was able to see a lot of great TV shows which gave me hope and good ideas.

I had a teacher who showed me that potatoes can produce or offer energy, like a battery. Then I have seen the game Portal (1+2) and it reminded me of this, since Glados, the evil AI who managed the whole science complex (or whatever you were trapped in) at some point even had to use a potatoe as energy source. Only to see this Netflix show Anne with an “E”, in which also a woman showed the children the same thing my teacher showed me. Light bulbs powered by potatoes.

This doesn’t mean that we now should plant trillions of potatoes or whatever. It actually was a trial to show, that there is more to things and also a lot of cool stuff to discover. But we should do things as friends, as “family” (an actual family which supports each other and doesn’t try to profit of or manipulate each other etc.).

Let me explain the energy problem again.

You have a basic need: Hunger + Thurst

You have another basic need: Love

You have more basic needs: Friendship (not being or feeling alone)

And maybe some sleep or time to relax here and there.

In a trial to either proof them wrong or replace them, we or well, not always us, but some people created (willingly or by accident) these energy problems.

Another thing is, that even if you didn’t or don’t want to support it, usually only these people will give you the ability to make something you want to do instead, actually possible. But why? Well, because they got into the positions to run this world, earth whatever.

But when you understand your basic needs (maybe I forgot some, sorry I didn’t mean to), you could actually see, that a lot of things aren’t necessary or only additional or optional. For example computers. They are cool, from time to time, but they also need a lot of resources and energy. Especially when “some” people build them in a way to make the break or fail after a few years. I wonder why….

If you could for example find ways or just use alternatives and get away from this need for things to break, since it is irrational, madness and completely crazy, we could still use them, but then only when we need them or want them.

For example, not everything they can be used for is bad.

You can have a lot of fun with them too. And if we would build them in a solid way or just without all these wanted failing parts. Man, what could be.

And then you would also see, that you don’t need them for a lot of things.

Why do you have a smartphone?

I actually got asked this question by a cousin. Interestingly the cousin who’s mother got me into thinking about getting one or at least a mobile phone in general. Since they wanted to contact me, when I would travel to them via train, so they could know when I arrive or whether something happened.

And back then I thought, when I should get a mobile phone, then a smartphone. Since most people around me got some.

I personally never really needed it nor used it (at least for things others might have used it). I had only a few games, like chess or such things and also deleted them after a while or lost interest. Either because the storage was limited or I played it through or whatever. I actually didn’t use it most of the time and even deactivated phone calls and internet. Now you might think, well, then why do you have it, if not for that? Good question… Well, I sometimes used it to read scientific papers about computer science or play a little chess or save some school papers to read through them in train or bus. But usually this thing was even at home or shutdown.

And the funny thing is, this one smartphone I bought years ago, is still running. But when I got another one, it broke within a few months because it fell down a few times. The other one actually fell down more times, I think.

So I only had 1 1/2 smartphones in my life so far and one old Nokia mobile phone, which disappeard at some point years ago. Not long after I got it from one of my cousins. Since it was not fully functional anymore and she got a new phone.

My major energy “sin” are my computers and now that I think about it, actually my own. At least when you sum up the years and continuity of my usuage and almost necessity of them.

But please don’t confuse it with an addiction or dependency. This is what my mother or other people often thought or tried to convince me of. And I myself sometimes believed it, since their arguments or examples sometimes made sense. The reality is, that I needed something to feel safe with and also to feel free and do what I want in or with. And since the real world usually didn’t allow me or at least hated me, when I tried to do things or just wanted to enjoy things, I had to go somewhere.

And yes, at some points it could have actually been an addiction and I sometimes have related symptoms. I am not going to lie here.

For me it is just more about not having much alternatives anymore.

So whenever I have something like a “train ride, a bus ride, time with other people”, I don’t need technology at all. Or at least not in this way. (And yes, the train and bus example was tricky, since it is technology as well. ^^)

And as described in a lot of posts here on this blog, I felt an extreme difference (at least sometimes) between the town or village and going into the forest. Partially it could have been psychological (how I felt and still feel about things), but there is also a strong natural “component” in these feelings. Inside the forest or let’s say nature, walking felt like something fun to do, thinking felt awesome and often gave me great ideas or hope for a better or even fantastic life and future for us all. But as soon as I left it, the feelings and thoughts turned into colder and darker ones. I got scared, pessimistic and lost the focus on my previous gained joy or thoughts.

Writing this in my house, my room again, is therefor not the best idea. ^^

But at least I am in a good mood right now, at least compared to a lot of other times, when I shared or wrote something here.

So when I would have not much, but feel safe and happy with others or just myself, I would have enough. I actually don’t like it when people always felt the need to give me presents on things like Eastern, Christmas or my birthday. My grandpa at least gave me money, which back then was the better choice, since I could then actually get what I wanted or needed. For example a new computer. But like the recent Coca Cola ad, the best presents are the people who I love and hopefully love or at least like me.

I really don’t need things and I also wouldn’t need my computers, if I would have people to be with. Which doesn’t mean that we should now destroy all technology and go back into caves or something. No.

There are already small computers everywhere and not just your smartphones or toaster maybe. 😀 And if they instead of breaking all the time, would just work and then even be efficient, we could maybe even power them with ourselves or something like potatoes, when we actually need them. If we would have actually useful batteries, which are not meant to be wasted or replaced. Maybe even recharge over time. So you could maybe use your computer for 2 or three hours and then the energy is up, then it recharges (or maybe you could help it, with doing some other things like playing sport games with your friends or whatever) and then use it again, if you want or need to. And I mean, why not using solar power, if the solar panels would actually be out of solid materials, like rocks?

The solution to most problems came and are found through mixing things together and find a common ground or even unexpected things. But maybe not everything should be done this way.

Me: looks anxious towards CERN and nuclear power plants

Why do a lot of people try to find solutions where shouldn’t be some or could be some, but the risk, price etc. are or were soooo high, that it shouldn’t have been worth it, but they do it anyway?

I mean like WWII experiments which probably never really stopped (in secret). Why do you have to torture people and animals to find medical solutions which might not even be necessary or relevant, if these people would have understood that they are the problem? In case they didn’t know and actually thought what they were doing was “useful” or “necessary”. Like throwing bombs on to cities or kill civilians or kill at all, because someone looked or seemed like a possible danger.

Next time you walk down a street, maybe you get dragged away by police because you had some chocolate on your lips, since you just ate chocolate and according to some data, this makes you a serial killer in 20 years. Or whatever excuse or mad reason they will come up with. And yes, I sometimes like to eat chocolate, more bitter one, since the other is too suggary and sweet most of the time. But I also sometimes eat very sweet and suggary things.

Some guy: I knew it! He is a terrorist! Guys, get him, he will kill the U. S. president in 13.5 years!


Someone: Wait, I thought the russians made this sound?

People: confused

War and how a lot of people explain life:

So you see, the solutions could have been there, if some people would have just hit their head against a wall (or any other hard and solid equivalent) and understood, that what they are doing is pretty crazy.

Instead they forced us to either do the same, think like them or at least not question their authority and sanity.

Today I also got reminded of a book I had to read in school.

It was about a world which was based around computers and computer programs or at least in which the adults were running and using them. But then the children somehow got to the main computer and changed the disk and then loaded another world. Their world. Basically another disk and the computer(s) in this book loaded / booted from disks / CD-ROM or something. ^^ And then instead of the adults the children were doing stuff and “ruling” the world.

I don’t remember the title, but maybe someone knows the book. It was obviously meant for children or people who saved their child inside. 🙂

A trial to show, that things could be and maybe in some (or a lot of) cases should be completely different. And that the children often could make it happen, but the adults are more focused on machines, technologies and profit etc. than the actual ones who could give the solutions they are searching or asking for. Instead of listening, they often break them, their dreams, thoughts and hopes. Only to ask them to find solutions when they are older, after they broke, which then would not be possible anymore. At least not in a way, it could have been, without all these psychological torture, pressure and confusing madness.

I saw a comment under a video which was in arabic (sorry, I know there are different dialects and languages, I don’t know which ones). And the translation said something like: “If we could only be children again and don’t know all we know now.” (at least how I remember the meaning, words were probably different)

And I first wanted to write something, but then didn’t. I sometimes write a few things to some people who mainly speak some arabic languages. And I write in english together with whatever the google translator translates into arabic. I just hope it makes sense what it does. At least from arabic to english I often got very good results.

Anyway, why can’t we be children again or at least give the children who are still children, a good future. Or as one japanese general or officer in a movie about WWII (don’t remember which side he was on, but does it matter for this?) meant. He used different words, but it was something like: We will probably not see this bright future, but let us make it happen for our children and grand children. (by the way I am crying right now)

And yes, why can’t we at least try to make things different, listen to the “younger” ones 😀 the children and maybe some people who were ignored in the past. And also let them try to show and explain what they mean.

Often children like I was one, have a lot of ideas, solutions and knowledge, but we got or get taken for stupid, unknowning and whatever until we often turn into these things out of resignation, depression, frustration and lack of options and loneliness.

Please give yourself a chance or a million chances, give your children these chances (in case you have some) or also some older people. Give each other the chance to be, to show and at least try to understand each other more.

Some teachers for example already talked about their experiences with students in their TED talks or also elsewhere. And said, that they understood, that school should be lead by the students and not the teacher. And that the children are usually very responsible and supportive, when you give them a chance and actually trust them. Even or especially when they might seem like they don’t want to take any responsibility or care. Because it often is a misconception out of ignorance or false conclusions. Like people and especially teachers in my secondary school thought I didn’t want to do things, just because I had my hands often in my pockets. There even are phrases related to it. Then I just felt even more unwanted and misunderstood. Or that wearing a hoodie meant you are not social… wow.

Very smart people. But they probably didn’t know better and would I have felt better and would they have tried to understand me, I might have been able to show them a lot of great things. Or just cheered them up a little. 🙂

Some teachers also liked me, especially the older women and some old men. Probably because they saw that I was special and had great potential to make a difference. Or just because I was different and maybe gave them hope. Like the teacher with the potatoes.

He was born not long after WWII, when I remember correct and was in my eyes a very good and smart man and hopefully still is, since he is still alive, but probably not teaching anymore.

He showed us the plants, practical and simple physics, nature and technology. It was him together with our class teacher, who showed me and the other elementary school chilren, how things work and can be used. We learned about computer parts, about animating things with computers, music, video games and you name it. Yes you heard right, we even had video games because of teachers. And we were allowed to play them in the breaks or maybe sometimes even after we finished our work or a class test maybe. Back then school still made fun in a way, because of these few people and all they gave us. I had so much hope, that all my dreams were shattered when I got into secondary school. Because almost none of it I learned about previously, was used, talked or even thought of. So instead of progress it was going backwards. At least for me.

Yes, they also tried to change a few things here and there, but I mean, while at the day when we could explore the school (before actually going there), they still had a computer club which made video games. Just a few months later, it was all gone, since the teacher who was managing it left (I don’t know whether he got sick or what happened).

I hope you now understand things better. And that it isn’t good to radically avoid or change things on either side. Completely destroying the planet is not good, completely destroying technology is not good, completely wiping out one civilization is not good (be it from inside, outside or just madnes). And also modifying things you can modify, just because you want or can do, doesn’t mean it is necessary or good. But in an emergency it might be necessary or useful. For example, like stealing some food to survive or hacking a server to finally be able to stop some people who do evil or even diabolic things (e.g. child porn circles).

I for example have seen people obfuscate these words. And maybe mentioning it, like in previous posts, could get this page under watch, if it isn’t already. Or maybe makes search engines avoid it. But this is just another problem. And I know I wrote again about things I wrote about already and lost the original topic. But actually the title was very open, so I can basically write anything.

And like my personal problem with normal “addiction” porn or these sick people who abuse others and even children. It is also something about energy, when you think about it.

Besides the horrible facts, psychological trauma or even death. It is about some people taking other people’s or childrens energy. Either completely or at least to a point, when they won’t be able to feel good on their own anymore. Even hate themselves maybe or worse. Which often leads to suicide, drugs or just severe psychological and physical damages and so on.

The core problem here is often jealousy and related to it is hate and anger.

For example a thought like: “Why are these children so happy?”

I mean, the sentece itself can be a completely normal thing to say. It could be just a curious questions, but also be a completely hateful reaction. If there is nothing like a “He said in a harsh tone” or whatever, expression or describing the feeling and meaning in a certain context.

I know why the children are happy, at least some still are and I want them to stay this way. But others might think, that they shouldn’t be, since there is (according to them) a lot of work to do or whatever. And some people might just think: “If I can’t feel happy, no one should.” which is of course crazy, but I am sure you have heard or seen someone say or act this way. Be it first hand or just in some stories (video games, movies, books, …).

Often this is caused by a previous loss of love or never existing real love in or for someone or a broken heart. Then they did the same to someone else and so on. Yes, I probably did that a lot of times and I know I broke my former best friends heart. He cried when me and my mother just moved to the town, only a few kilometers away. But our friendship got lost more and more over the years, until we only saw each other in school and maybe talked a few words, only to lose contact completely. He is still in the same village and I am here again, just a few houses from here. What holds me back to just spent time with him again? Actually nothing, even his parents just yesterday let me be greeted, since they met my mother and talked a little. Or at least his mother. And I also thought about going there again.

But because so much had happened to me and around me, I feel as if I will not be able to go there. As silly and stupid it might seem. I mean, he would not rip my head off or anything. 😀

I know this. I just feel as if I am a tornado or something and when I should go there, I will shatter the last bit of his life, while I just tried to be there.

It is because I am often not sure anymore whether I am faking something or actually doing it, just because it feels right and I want to do it. Because I so often had to pretend things, change myself, so others don’t ask questions they don’t want the answer to, that I often lose feeling for myself.

Not to forget, that since my childhood I had problems figuring myself out and feeling things. Because I was basically not allowed to live nor my mother. I still did a little and my mother as well, but at what cost…

Just friends visiting often was a problem or relatives of my mother. My father didn’t like these things and sometimes I had to do things in secret or actually a lot of times. Turned me into some kind of ninja, at least compared to other children that age. Not to forget, that I even escaped the baby bed, which was supposed to keep you inside.

Something like this:

It was a little different, with bars I think, but I guess you know what I mean.

And little me thought, well, the top is not closed, so why not try to climb or jump outside.

“Don’t underestimate a child for its age, size and origin.”

And please don’t use this sentence in the context of punishment… I have seen it too many times.

Okay, I guess this post reached the end.

Thanks for reading and watching or however you used and experienced this. Have a great day or at least don’t feel alone out there as much as you might have felt before! (While I try to handle my joy, together with sadness and tears. 😅🙃 💕


(Oh and before I forget, even Putin shed a tear once, when he heard about stories and numbers of dead people. Eventhough he tried to hide it.)

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