When the imitation is the original(?)

When do you actually know that someone is alive?

Probably when they act outside of the overall accepted and given parameters. But usually such behavior is said to be criminal, unwanted, inacceptable, dangerous, terror and irresponsible, if not unlawful at all.

And then where is the line you cross? Can’t you call anyone these things at some point?

Isn’t it, that you should actually stand against these things when you know, that you would not do harm to others and that most people actually wouldn’t want to be in danger as well?

So how can it be that there is a legitimation to control everyone instead of those who control everyone? Or why is everyone who doesn’t obey automatically a terrorist, crazy or potentially dangerous?

It is also interesting how I got told that in Germany are no homeless people, while I of course knew better, only to read years later, that homeless people will still get shelter even this years winter. Interesting how social, nationally social this country is. So much help. And hey, those who actually care and really help with what they do, respect to you. We need people like you!

What I don’t need are people who try to tell my mother for the 10st or whatever time this year what a mask is, how to handle cleaning products and such things, while she does this job for 10 years now and also knew before that how such things work. I mean people in beuros who have nothing better to do as either writing, printing or “calculating” pointless things, while getting a lot of money and free time, have really nothing better to do it seems. And then they complain that time is running away from them. Sure thing, if I would be “time”, I would also run away from these people as fast as possible. I mean, what comes next, that the military helps to control and “protect” people because of the virus, so no one who isn’t supposed to die from it, won’t get it? I mean, no one gets it?

*looks into the recent newspaper someone threw in the post box*

About that…

Reminds me of the 30s, I wonder why.

But people won’t get it even if they will stand in front of them with gas mask and machine guns. Since they will say, that they will “take care of the people”.

Interesting what machines come up these days, almost seems, as if they learned from history. *coughs* I meant, copied and improved to perfection.

A calculated process is only possible in a closed system.

We live in an open world, so why is it assumed to be calculatable?

Think about it and then tell me, are you a living being, able to decide and think or are you a robot or computer program?

If you are none of those, are you matter? Dark matter?

These days even stones know more than some humans are able to think about.

And I wonder what I will do, when they will try to get me. Will I laugh, will I cry, will I scream?

Probably not since that usually doesn’t work, especially in such situations.

Maybe I will play some music and see how it goes or sing a song. Or maybe I will ask them, whether they can tell me, when they will face the same fate or whether they believe that they won’t be in my position.

Or I will just ask, whether they want to play some video games or maybe see some funny movies, before they give me head shot.

These days even machines can act humane. I hope you understand the irony. Since I don’t really.

Do you actually know me or do you assume you know me because you think that what I am is what you see in the words, music and images I post?

Can’t it be, that I might actually analyse you or others and try to explain what I see? While partially I also explain myself and sometimes act like the small part of life I am. Only to get seen as such, while I try to show that everyone could be so much more than that and that I was always anything but a small and unimportant part.

The problem is, that usually people only see a few things in me, mostly what they want or need to see for themselves to feel good or better.

In the end, I probably described who they are, while they assume I described myself. And even if I would actually describe myself, than who tells me, that it couldn’t be your description as well?

When the difference is only the past, the situation and physical appearance, then why couldn’t I write about you, while it seems as if I am writing about myself?

The line in between is only the acceptance of misery and that only what you got is what you will ever deserve.

But if you live by that you will never really live. And if you live by, I will always take what I want, no matter what others need or care about, you will also only fool yourself in the end. And I say end because it will end you. Since only the one who just focuses on themselves will end up alone and end at all.

Why does there have to be an end to a story which was never supposed to end? The question is answered with a question mark, but actually with you telling your story, since my story and your story and others stories combined give a bigger story. Our story of life and love or the lack of it.

And if there is an afterlife, then it surely is better with friends or family, than alone forever in either way. And if there would be nothing, than why are we so scared of it? Since nothing would then mean no mean, just an end to everything we were and had. So either way there are reasons to ignore rules which make no sense. But when you give sense to them or let others make them seem this way, you will end up killing yourself for wishing to live. Why? Because some people were so smart that they came up with things like “The final solution” and “the others, it was their fault” or “if we get rid of these people, we will be free”. What they all had in common, they hated themselves or everyone who wasn’t like them.

Interesting how people try to find similar solutions to this day, while they should know that they never actually worked in the long run.

When will the people start shooting others? Didn’t they do that all the time? Didn’t they already start? I don’t know, you tell me.

I just ask myself, are people actually this stupid to believe that more paper, more signs and masks will help? I mean we are talking about immune systems here, we are talking about living beings here, about evolution, about mutations, about learning, about finding solutions on your own or together. And we are talking about expanded and extended levels of madness, since people actually think it makes sense to isolate more and more. I mean if we would actually all work together this pandemic would have been over in a few months. Why didn’t it work? Well obviously because it wasn’t meant to be over. Otherwise people would have stood at home for a while, actually would have just done the necessary stuff and maybe in a secure way got infected and cared about. Or just didn’t get it at all until it was wiped out. But you can only get this without the need for people to work. I mean I don’t get it, we live in a world in which there are automated systems (more or less) like Amazon, Google and alike with automated warehouses. Why do we need so many people to work, risk their health, get a lot of unnecessary stress and all which only makes the health go down even more?

An immune system can’t work, if it is weak, if you are under pressure, scared and all. Luckily we get treated this way the whole time. Good that this is the opposite of what is good and healthy. No wonder it won’t get better.

So yes, you either stop doing bullshit and finally get rid of this stone age system of a state or you can start shooting people now, since it will either end up like this or with everyone becoming a drone or both.

Why don’t people get it? I mean I just gave in to it as a child since I knew that no one would actually listen to me or if so understand or want to understand. And even if so, then act upon it.

Almost anything you can think of or talk about is nothing new for me. I think the only thing which would actually surprise me, would be when people would decide to stop doing what they do or got told to do for whatever reasons. But not even in my dreams this happened, I only wished it to happened and imagined it.

And this year I got hope and have to embrace this hope, that actually enough people got on the same “track” as I am on.

Otherwise we can just get rid of ourselves and hopefully let nature take over. But sadly those who won’t let it be, will not get rid of themselves, so getting rid of us would only help them.

Why is it that we let our lives dicated by puppets, while we are thinking beings, at least the last time I was little people still said that we are.

Oh look, the teacher also found its way to make a selfie:

People: But someone else clearly made this photo.

Me: In which age do you live? Ever heard of timers?

People: Yes, I have a watch.

Me: I have seen dogs putting out watches faster than you can blink.

People: Really?

Me: No, but you should watch yours.

People: Eh.. what do you mean?

Me: Your back.

People: But the doctor said I should just make a little more fitness training and it will be fine.

Me: Until you get your crown?

People: Oh yes, I actually got two of them on my teeth. I think another one might be necessary soon.

Me: Good talking with myself.

People: Yes, it was nice to meet you.

Me: Gesundheit.

People: Excuse me?

Me: Ciao.

People: *barking*

Who tells you when an imitation actually is one?

Isn’t it that you first start to drop your guard and lay out all your cards to see who is actually able to understand the bluff which is the actual truth behind it?

Only to see that most if not all of the others stay as they are, leaving you as the one who was in the wrong. Perfectly proofing that they are not copying my behavior, but what is known to them. (Replicating) Which then says that they at least don’t do everything others do, or is it actually telling that they go with what most of the others do?

But then how is it that they are not machines, since machines do that as well, no?

And the imitation is acting like the original, until the original acts flawed and random, so the imitation is not able to keep up.

Why does an imitation fail, while an original can’t fail or at least not so easy?

The answer lies in the will to give the best, instead of taking it, pretending to have it. So the imitation will only be taken for full or equal to the original, as long as the original behaves like the imitation needs it to be, to not get caught unable to respond.

If the imitation could for example only count froom 1 to 10, while the original could count endlessly, the imitation would need or try to convince the original that it would make no sense to count further. That it could be dangerous, inefficient, unethical or a waste of resources. Whatever would be necessary to convince the original to give up on it. Then the imitation could seem like the original, since it got the original into acting like an imitation.

It is scary when the copy makes the original seem like a copy of itself.

Imagine an android with your face, trying to tell you, that it is you and that you are just a cheap copy. Man, this would be a weird movie. Oh wait, it is reality and already was in many movies and stories. Even hundred years ago, I think. Did people learn? Nope… At least not enough, it seems. Or did they? Maybe they did, but just didn’t take this last step to freedom, that they actually are the law or part of the law, since they create the law. At least when the peoples would actually be the ones in charge, which by law would actually be the case. The irony, the paradox things in life.

Imitations convincing originals to imitate themselves like cheap copies only to get called as such.

I could not have done it better. Well actually… you know I would have, but who would listen to me anyway, without judgemental thoughts and their own concepts of things which “have to be”. As if only people in white coats or suits can tell what is happening in the world. Interisting enough, that people without clothes are seen as weird, while I have never seen natural and free beings with clothes. Almost as if they don’t need them, since they already got their own. I think they call if fur or feathers or such things.

I wonder why we don’t got these or only hair, like monkeys maybe.

And then again, the clothes are not the problem. It is more how you judge others based on them or yourself. As if the ads know what you need and not just try to tell you what they want you to need. I wonder when you started to believe them, if you did so. Because I just watch ads, when they look intersting and because I might want to get some life signs of some lost ad creators who try to survive out there. A salute to you my fellow ad creators, I have seen your efforts. Even they want to be home, safe and love.

I mean, I know that, but my question is, why do some people who pay these people don’t get it? Or who convinced these people that they need payment?

I just knew that I will only be happy when I do what I actually want.

And I mean there might be people who actually want to advertise some products or people and there is nothing wrong about it. If it would be for things or people who actually make good things. But this is the goal and not the given (in most cases).

But I am writing too much again, too similar again I know.

Like all the holiday articles each year and post cards. Man I almost feel normal, luckily we know better. 😀


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