Ecila and the palace [3]

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Luckily she could run away from these grinning drunk heads.

When she finally got to the street in which her house was, she saw a few people and some guards talking there. The front door was open as well. Ecila slowly walked towards them. When some of them noticed it, they pointed at her while continuously spitting out words in an energetic way.

It made her feel ashamed and unease, why are they all staring at her like that? Then her children finally came running out of the house and into her arms. Ellibys told her, that the people are angry, but that she doesn’t know why and then Ecila saw that Azile had a wound. There was some medical herb and a little linen around it. So the mother asked what had happened and it turned out, that she fell on her shoulder while playing around with the other siblings. Ellibys then didn’t know what to do and finally found some of the neighbors who then took care of the wound, but where asked where thier mother was. And so the other neighbors got involved and in the end the guards came into the scene.

Now they were still standing all there and some where whispering things in the background. Then one of the guards started to speak.

“Why weren’t you at home with your children? You should have taken care of them and not let the neighbors do your work. There could have happened God knows what. Someone told me that you spent the day with another man, is that right?”

Ecila was partially in shock and also confused. All these eyes and people and now this harsh voice asking her out about her day. As if she had commited a crime. All she wanted was a nice day, out in the open.

“I asked you a question! Answer me, or can’t you speak all of a sudden?”

Ecila stuttered: “I… I was … eh… just outside the town, near the lake and wanted to feel a little free for a day. But then I saw this old man sitting there and…”

“See, I told you, she wanted to feel free. She said it herself.”, some of the people spit out. “I can’t believe that a mother can be so selfish.”, said another one.

“But I…”, Ecila tried to explain, but the guard interrupted her.

“So you wanted to feel free and spent time with another man?”

“Well, you could have had a younger one.”, wishpered the other guard through the teeth, while the one who was previously speaking cleared his throat.

Ecila didn’t know for sure what was happening, she just knew that this wasn’t going anywhere good. So she tried to explain again.

“I just saw him sitting there, all alone and sad, so I thought he could need some company. And then we talked and I helped him home.”

“I told you she was at home with him, didn’t I tell you?”, one of the people whispered to another.

Then Ecila shouted: “WE WERE JUST TALKING!”

“No need to get hysterical. But for the moment it seems that you are not responsible enough to take care of your children and also as a wife you couldn’t wait to get to another man. For today you will stay with your children, since it is already getting dark, but tomorrow we will take you to the court and see what else might come out.”

“But I didn’t do any…”, Ecila tried to respond, but the guard interrupted her again.

“The judge will decide about this tomorrow, you should be thankful, that you are allowed to stay at home for the night. Till tomorrow morning, when the day breaks.”

Then the guards were slowly moving away and the other people also slowly moved towards their homes. Azile was weeping the whole time, but it was now that her mother fully realized it and finally took her into her arms. The older sister stood next to them, the right hand wrapped around the left arm. And the little boy stood in the front door, seemingly confused.

Not the day she had imagined, not the dream at all…

To be continued…