What / you think / I see?

What do you see and what did I see and how many different things did I see in the same video? Do you only see one version or think about it from what you think I have seen or what you expect me to see or think about these videos?

What does a video say about someone? What does the appearance and music say about someone? If you would have to categorize me given by what kind of music I listen to, what I watch, write and talk about. I think you would get in trouble. Because at the end of the day you would probably figure out, that you are categorizing and describing yourself. Or at least try to see me from your point of view, while I stand in front of you, behind you and next to you. So how can you describe me, if I see you from more angles than you can even recognize?

Describing these videos is difficult and easy. The first impression, they are high quality videos, showing primitive actions and ways of life. It triggers primitive instincts and reflects the immature way of life.

Then there is a “background noise”, you see that there are human beings. You see they are trapped in their own illusion or maybe they try to show you that they want to escape? But you just see the illusion in the way they see or present it, so you think it is okay. Or do you?

I see the sand and how it shows the future of our planet or the partial present, if we don’t stop those who like this thoughtless, mindless way of life. Not to get confused with enjoying nature and relaxing, which is completely fine and necessary. But not on the cost of others or by ignoring important things. We have to be happy to be alive, but this has not really something to do with what is shown here.

Then you see that it could actually be fun to ride a motorcycle, when they ride over the hills and even water. And why not? If there would be no one who would get annoyed and these things would be environment friendly, I would probably do that as well once in a while. I really wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was little, but when I got older I didn’t see the point in it anymore, like basically in anything.

When you see that they dance, run over the sand and get hit by the sand, it could mean, that they don’t want this anymore. That they think, that it should stop and while they run and try to find a paradise, all the see is sand. Almost like in Mad Max.

Or you just see some women with almost nothing on either pretending to be happy or actually thinking they are happy, while some childish men drive around with their machines / toys.

You see, there are different ways to see things and to judge or not judge and see something good in everything. Or a lot of different things. And if I would have just posted these two videos without any words, you would have probably been confused. Sure thing.

And it is easy to judge someone because of such things.

But like the woman who gave the first aid course meant (something like): There is nothing arousing or sexual by trying to revive a topless dead woman.

Because all what matters in this moment is her life and to bring her back.

But when I look around me I either see robots, objects or animals instead of people. And when I see myself, I see a body, a body which doesn’t really match me at all. A body I don’t even recognize or feel as mine. As if I borrowed it or stole it, only to be able to do what I do. And then I see myself in the mirror. But something tells me, it is only what others see. Because I don’t really see myself. I only see an image others have when they see me.

What do you see? Do you also see the same thing from different angles at the same time? Sometimes maybe actual different angles, sometimes just different persepctives, in different ways?

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