Comfortably FED UP and sicK

When you have to laugh about things because you are too sad to cry.


    • Yes sure, but then it is out of joy or when you try to create a little hapiness. But when there is just too much for me to theoretically cry or scream about, I have to laugh, since I can’t do the others. And then it doesn’t give me joy, relief or happiness. At best only a short messed up escape from or dive into madness.
      When I actually feel good and not fake it or whatever, then laughing of course is something good. Sadly often I had to be silent, people didn’t like my laughing or jokes.
      I hope now you know the difference or at least understood better what I meant.
      For me laughing not automatically means joy and cure. For me tears actually feel more like a cure because for me it is hard to get out some tears. Thank you for words and I also wish you the best! 🙂 💜

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      • Interesting thought! I didn’t think of it like that. I guess sometimes when the burden get’s too much your sorrow leaves your body in the form of tears…

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