We get all fooled and scammed

Just a video I wanted to share, because although some things weren’t mentioned (probably for reasons *coughs* censorship) it is more important than ever. Especially now because we are in a time in which these people start to either gain most of the control or maybe even lose it because they are trapped within their own psychosis of destruction and manipulation.

And no, this is no news for me, I knew that as a child, but I think no one or almost no one around me understood it. …

Probably because they were chasing worthless money which they got from the same people who sold them shit. Well played… well played. I would say, start to think: “What would we all do if there wouldn’t be a thing like money?” But I guess most people don’t understand that things would actually turn out to be great because people would do what they actually want, at least most of us: To make all our lives actually great and interesting and fun and care and not just make everything hard, unbarable and depressing.

Now I will leave again, back into my mind cave.

Till next time, fellow humans. 🙂 ❤