Sem Olhar / Without Looking

And another new track.

I am not sure how it will sound because I didn’t listen to the finished version, what I usually not do, until it is uploaded.

So I have something to wait for and be surprised.

Sounds weird, but that is how it is.

And this one was mostly played with shut eyes, that’s why the title also says “Without looking” or “Sem Olhar” which is something similar in portuguese. At least according to DeepL.

I should really learn some languages, at least russian, since I always wanted to be able to at least understand it. Somehow there is a resistence in my head when it comes to learning languages and in some cases learning in general. Probably because my brain learns in other ways as the typical human or whatever.

I hope it was okay and usually I let the tracks online, since I think they are at least acceptable for something. Or they were at the time when I made them. Otherwise this track and post will disappear soon again. (Probably not, but just to let you know.)

💛 Thank you for reading and or listening or at least clicking on this post and scrolling down. 😀

Dobre <daytime>! ❤ 🤗

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