Case closed!

Does someone else want to write or publish something here?

I will just let you do this, but I think I first have to invite you as admin.

Just let me know. It is up to you.

J. P. K. signing off for the last time! Over and out!

(Only if someone really wants me to contiue, of course.)


Little Out-Post: 868

: Hold my beer.

Me: Of course!

His words: It is almost 4 AM british standard time.

So you know: Today will be a great day.

But really guys, you can write here, without sending me messages from external devices or sources in order to put them together. You can do that yourself. And you can’t mess up this blog more than I did. It is your life, our life. So yea… have fun!

Also me: *makes backup, just in case* ^^

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