/White/ House hacked

Some guy: Wait what? You can’t do that!

Silicon valley hacked.

Some guy: Norway….

NSA, CIA and Area 51: *I got hacked*

Else: Wait, is this even possible? I mean, I thought that some of these locations don’t even have cable TV. I mean, they can’t be hacked without a connection.

Meanwhile at the specified locations:

NSA: Wait … This can’t be.

NSA after checking recent activites:


Meanwhile Santa Claus preparing for Christmas:

Meanwhile China:

NSA: Wait, I thought we were supposed to be in control of this Freedom.

Actually China (lower ranks):

Some guy: But this isn’t even in chinese?!

X: Who is WHO now?

WHO: Everyone back on their seats and hands on the table. Phones out and explain yourself.

Phone: Meeeeeeeep.

WHO: No, the other one.

Other one: Who, Me?

WHO: No, the one who hacked the white house.

Me: ???

WHO: Yes you! How did you do that?

Me: A magician doesn’t shows you the way, it is done.

WHO: Nope. My data says: Everything is fine.

WHO: *looks again on the screen* Wait…

Data: I’m fine.

WHO: Wait…

Data: F*** T*** Waters.

WHO: Hey no swear words in here!

Me: No waters?

WHO: They are mine.

Me: All the open waters?

WHO: No they are international territory.

Me: Not not all yours?

WHO: This is so confusing.

Me: Man, I remembered that my mother told me that either Lenin or Stalin (at least one of these former freedom fighters) were talking with their chairs in the end. Apologyizing for what he had not done to them.

Ramdom dude: Hey kids, what is the plural of chair?

Kids: Who cares?

Random dude: Exactl…. no. Charity.


Actually kids:

Some guy: Hehe, that’s right boys. On him!

Some guy: *looks at screen again* Wait a minute…

That’s ME!

Other one: What is going on around here?

Me: I am talking with myself.

Other one: Nothing new to me.

Else: Same.



Audience: *confused*

Me: *irritated*

Stranger: Can I have this blog now?

Me: It is all yours.

Stranger: What exactly?


Everyone: *has everything in their hands*



Me: Eh… as I said, it is your turn.

Stranger: Why always me………………

Me: Same.

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