Vote, YES!

Because a long time ago I learned in school, that there is only one correct answer:

Until I found out it was all just a hoax:

Some people showing their amusement towards me:

After I pointed to a specific location on the picture:

Me: Didn’t you see/read sign?

Some people show credits:

Suddenly Florida:

Ackchually me (right now):

After almost everything I encountered here:

After I got 1 UP and jumped high enough to get all the points after a mario level:

While I still don’t know what the heck is happening.

My brain:

Then brain remembers who likes potatoes:

Thinks twice, since this was the wrong guy:

Suddenly stickman:

By the way, I once heard, that GIFs and memes are a love language.

Kind of love I felt the last years:

Then I remembered what was before I got hit with an arrow into my knew:

But it took me a while (a year in advance):

Then I found the weak spots:

Understood that I was alone my whole life:

But everything was fine:

So I thought this can’t be everything:

I even used Cheat Engine N’ activated God-Mode:

I even switched positions:

But the following helped:

But then I went to a specialist:

Made some sick moves with him there:

And got or remembered some weird dreams:

And then I knew, it must be:

That I am the only living creature in the whole universe:

It really felt like this, some of you might know this.

Meanwhile everyone else:

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