Too/ much stupidity is /not/ good for your heal/thy


When I saw a meme about pressing a red button:

And then I looked right into the sun:

And decided not to press it.

Actually me most of my life:

Until someone said:

What others saw:

What I did in front of their eyes:

Even tried:

Multiple times

I even thought:

And it was cool. Very cool. Almost ice age. But not always.

Not like this:

Like when people say, that I should talk about what I think, but they have no idea what I am talking about and only use fire balls to attack.

Turned out I did the following my whole life:

But as expected, nothing happened. And so I continued pressing it. Okay, not all the time, but long enough. Until I found out, that Visual Basic had no Press Handler implemented. At least it wasn’t working on my old computer. So I was left with “enter” and “leave”, like “ups” and “downs”.

I mean, at first this was interesting, but at some point I just didn’t really see the point in life anymore and since I couldn’t really share it with anyone, I decided to make it a dead man trigger. You know what I mean.

Like placing a finger on the button and putting some tape around it. So it would definitely press the button again, should something happen.

And oh boy, a lot of times this button was pressed. And then the tape got sticky and I couldn’t removed it anymore. So I just pressed and didn’t let go at some point, until my hand got all numb.

Felt dead inside.

But now, someone luckily pointed a laser on my hand, so the tape got burned.

Always good, when you go insane or were your whole life, until you realize that it wasn’t you. Who was insane.

But no sanity test could proof it, so I had to proof it to myself and so I turned into full madness mode. Only to find nothing there.

So I did it again. And again.

Else: Isn’t that what madness is all about?


Else: Do you need a ride?

Me: *confused*

Else: With the UBER.

Me: Oh.

Else: HELP!

What Else thought:


What it felt like:

What I meant:

What I wished:

What my mind almost endlessly repeated:

What my eyes tried to ignore, since it was:

But then I turned into one of these:

Only to realise again, that I don’t speak their language:

And it turned out to be true. It was all nothing.

And when this is over, I will probably have to say the following words:

But I think Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 💘 was a total success.

So maybe I won’t have to do it.

What I wished for (everyone):

Actually everyone when they …

And then I will go back into my corner, like a dog.


Me (after tomorrow was just another normal day):


Should tomorrow be normal:

Everyone else:

My heart:

BRain Man:

But the tooth fairy wishpered:

Into your hearts

Everyone (all of a sudden):

IT-Professors be like:

What the audience thinks about my not so funny jokes:

What everyone gots on their mind:

How it feels like:

What we all have waited for:

Finally. Finally we will all graduate highschool.

People when they hear “high” and “school” in one word:

Okay, enough of this for now.

Until then. Some time soon. 😀

Thank you for making everything happen!



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