I remember that I once had a teacher in my secondary school. He was throwing around some of these golden coins. But they were actually fake and just chocolate. He was a funny one. Another teacher even was in Afghanistan, I think he once mentioned that there were some mines around there and that he was scared of getting hit or roll over one of them. But I am not sure whether he actually got hit. At least he was in one piece after he returned. And I mean, I am really not making this up. He really was there.

And another of my teachers (well actually not of my class, just as a replacement for another one who was sick or something) also said, that you can learn a lot about changing a wheel. But you have to do it at least once, before you know how it is done.

Some guy: What are you trying to tell me with these school stories?




Else: But we didn’t get your photo, you promised!

Me: Eh… eh… I mean… Okay next time. Alright?

Else: Next time… next time… always next time. Why not now?

Me: I … eh… I am under a lot of pressure (no jokes, my head burns).

Else: Well, then take a short break and we will see us soon.

Me: But how can I be sure that I am allowed to take a break, while everything is braking already in my head?

Else: I think, just do it and see what happens.

Me: Just do it?

Else: Yes.

Me: Okay, but I will upload a photo.

Else: No… no you won’t.

Me: But I thought you wanted me to…

Else: It was a test.

Me: But I already revealed everything about me.

Else: Yes, because you are stupid.

Me: You got me…

Else: Always.

Me: It is always the same… why does this keep happening?

Else: Haven’t you seen the recent news?

Me: You mean the election?

Else: Yes.

Me: Some of it, but maybe only half of it. But I am sure it was enough to be sure to know who will win.

Else: Who?


Else: Aaaaand you failed.

Me: Oh sorry, that was in my browser history. I misclicked it.

What I actually meant:

Else: So you think it will be Biden?


Some guy:

Peter: But I thought we are the foot?

Some guy: *confused* *looks down on his feet*

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