I couldn’t sleep tonight again

Too many thoughts running through my mind.

I just was in my bed and the head kept spinning.

But it felt good in a way, but still a little lot confusion is going on there.

I hope for you it is getting better.

And the good thing about important decisions is, that you usually can sleep one night before you have to make them. At least a good boss offers you this, so you have enough time to prepare yourself mentally and in general.

These days I have seen a lot of stress and pressure and so I think sleeping a night longer before taking action and speaking up, might be totally okay.

And like Halloween passed very fast this year, without much things happening. Just remember that in a few days is already Christmas or Xmas again.

Just one day at a time and then time might pass by and the next day you wake up and it is already Christmas. Or if you are more for fireworks, then maybe wait a little longer and then you get Silverster.

And then you see your live feed passing by:

But then I thought:

And this is why instead of fighting against each other, we should fight the angst and the fear of ai spying and manipulating us. Because the fear actually makes us manipulate ourselves. And if we let that happen, history could repeat and usually it didn’t end so well for most of us.

Many died in the fight for the freedom we have today. So don’t let these lives be all for nothing. Show the people that you are a living being and not a machine. I mean, when you aren’t allowed to put down your shield and stick or at least put a sticker on it, then who says, that you are actually fighting for freedom and justice? Isn’t the uniform yours? And wasn’t it your decision to wear it for a reason? Some people sing songs, others break dance and some just cry. Either way, no one actually wants to die, not really. If we could, we would actually want to be together with others who are also open. But if no one opens up, then everyone thinks that the other one won’t understand. Of course this isn’t possible everywhere, some relationships or people just aren’t ready for this or maybe still don’t want it. Either because they think they are better or think they don’t deserve it.

But if opening up would mean that they would never have to fear for their lives or at least others. Then it might not be all that hard after all.

I mean what happens in these demonstrations usually?

Either people just stand there watching each other, walking around.

Or they hit each other and similar things. Except for some exceptions of course. And these exceptions are the ones we need.

I mean, why can’t a police officer walk arm in arm with a former or thought to be criminal? Is this illegal? Is this inhumane? Is it a crime to show that you care, eventhough the other one might not or doesn’t understand?

It is expected that people fight violently against each other, be it at home, at school, at work or on the streets. But whether it is psychological torture or actual torture, no one wants to be on the other side, am I right?

I mean, would you want to get raped, stabbed 28 times with a knife, shot in the head or heart or neck or even cut of the head? NO!

So why should you do that or want that for someone else? It just makes no sense to me. And this is why I think, that in the end, it might not be all that dramatic after all. At first for sure, like always and for some it might still need some time. But the good thing about working and supporting each other is, that not everyone has to do the same thing. That is why we have so many different abilities, personalities or histories. Many of these things weren’t all that bright and hopeful in the beginning, I know that. But some people just continued their fight in the hope to make this possible.

If you don’t try it, you can’t know whether it is real or fake.

And back to enigmatic code:

I just ate a few chips/crisps and one of them almost got stuck.

Then this happened:

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