Wait there is a thing called i’m m-unity? Like, invincible?

Else: Invisible, that is the word you tried to say. Am I right, m8y?

It just is. Just is. And then nothing will happen to you.

X: But nothing is pretty bad. I have been there and trust me, you don’t want to see nothing at all.

Else: Like pitch black, darkness, rising?

Excalibur, or was it excalibrium?

Someone: Quasi modo.

Mulder: X? Wasn’t it about X-files?

X: Yes, but then it would have been obvious.

Mulder: Why? I mean, what could you do with files?

Else: Burn them? Them hearts? Are they burning?

Some guy: But Lives is written with ‘V’.

Other one: Don’t make a face. It is alright. And I mean, files, lifes, lives, leaves. What does it matter. The messages were clear enough.

Petra: No. No, they were not obvious.

Cpt. Obvious: That is why you were released from the military.

Petra: Oh. Well, luckily, since I actually didn’t know what to do there anyway, other than walking on crossroads, beyond unknown borders and fight with strangers, just be-cause.

Richard: Can I come out of my castle now? Am I allowed to be a coward without cowering?

Cow: Bell… I mean, bark, like a dog. Two times.

Richard: Like a bog?

Cow: Like a boss.


Maria: And all what it needed was a .. so …..

Wait: Wait…. wait, wait for it.

Eh… I don’t know if I meant that when I said… ah I don’t know. I guess it is fine. Since we are all fine. 🙂

Some guy: For real?

Else: For real.

X: Rlly?

Omega: Any farther questions?

Alpha: No more questions… PLEASE!

PeDro: Are you old enough to watch this? And HOLY COW, where is your tape, I mean mask, I mean… I mean… why am I here?

While Pedro was still aaasking themselves this question. The party continued, for the moment. But soon the party will be over. But this time we can just make another one.

Else: No… Nooooo… Just don’t.

Other one: But… I thought parties were cool?

German: Cool = Kühl = Cold

Sandra: That joke is old.

Bob: Very ol’

J.SYS & Co: Ühl?

Bob: And I thought my accent was kinda weird. These middle valley people… zzz zzzz zzzzzzzzz.

Marvin: C C

Angela: I see, the spain lessons were worth it after all.

AI: But what about the classes and …

Harry: Is this Hogwards or what?!

Hausmeister: *coughs* It is spelled …

Else: Just… Just don’t say it.

Hausmeister: Free? Space? Haus? What shouldn’t I say, my dear?

Else: Just shut up already.

Hausmeister: Ok. 🙂


Recent ads told me:

[P.T).: STOP! This is impossivle. Put your hands in the air! And turn around! Down on the ground.

Audience made an unfinished 2 frame animation:

Some sir: Wow, the automatic isn’t working anymore. I think now it is manual mode. I mean, look at it, the GIF is technically static. And posted two times in a row.

Else: … can you please stop. It isn’t funny. Your jokes were never funny.

Me: I know… my bad. I mean, I am bad… with jokes.

Else: … Hey (listen)…

Some guy: Ok.

Link: No, not you dumb hat.

Some guy: Hey (that is mean).

Also guy: Oki.

Some people: *getting paranoid*

Other people: *use polaroid*

A few people: *have Android*

And I hear clear in stereo, and I have an ID.

Do you have an ID as well?

Bob: No idea…

P.D.: But everyone needs an ID card, otherwise we can’t control them.

Else: Wait…

P.D.: What, did I say, something wrong?

Else: Nah, its all.right.

Pedro: *left*

G-Man: Shit, we lost Pedro.

Sandy: I will search for him.

G-Man: Thanks Andy.

Sandy: My name is Sandy, not andy.

G-Man: Sandy, Andy… all the same.

Sandy: …

G-Man: Just jokin.

Sandy: *not amused*

G-Man: Oh. oh.

Child44: Gib mir ein ‘O’.

G-Man: Oh no.

Child44: Dann gib mir ein ‘G’

Man: Geeee.

Child44: Thanks.

Man: But now my ‘G’ is gone.

Child44: No, silly, now I have it. And you will get it back, when I am done.

Man: Alles klar. Dann ma los.

Child44: Excuisine, je ne parle pas franze.

Man: Bug@?

Child44: I found one under the carpet and one behind the curtain.


Harald: What hat sie denn nur?

Brit: Germs…. They never learn how to speak.


Me: I give up. Das wird mir hier alles zu viel mit euch. Man weiß ja gar nicht mehr was man noch sagen darf und was nicht. Alle machen doch eh nur was sie wollen…

Moderator: Please no german here. This is ENGLISH ONLY.

Me: Execute me… eh Excuse me, sir.

Moderator: *between the teeth* Funny jokes you made there.

Meanwhile wordl:

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