Death is Geneus


But thankful I am.

For who you are and what we might accomplish and already accomplished together. Please hit me the back of my head. It hurts anyway.

Stranger: But then you might die. *thinks* *thinks again*

Stranger: Things…

Stranger: But I thouht this is…

X: Was it madness what you tried to get a hold on?

P: Hold on?

X: The breaks aren’t working anymore.

Else: Then we should probably just let the car roll out and see what happens. Not much we can do about it.

Someone: Yep, at some point the car must stop rolling, I mean it is physics. Otherwise the car would be in space or something. And I know that I am not…

Other one: Hitting the space bar. Sadly though.

G-Man: Access granted.

Some guy: For the space or the gold bar?

G-Man: For the G point.

Else: This is not appropriate content. And by the way, there is a minus next to your G man.

G-Man: Geeeee, didn’t saw that comin.

Lonely author: May God have mercy on my soul. For I have sinned. And I am lost alone. I really never wanted to be alone. I was just scared and deeply hurt. But I understood that we are all the same now, in some way. Thank you for letting me be, thank you to the moderators, all the creators and supporters. I really could not have come to this point without you. I mean, you did all the hard work after all, I just played most of the time.

So I guess, it is time to say Goodbye to me.

*Puts head in place for the punishment*

Imagines what will happen:

Stranger: *Remembers remembering the lesson* But wait, I thought it was…

Well, some of you know the Tor Browser, I assume.

This is just one of the endpoints,

And you know how it works.

The Gateworld.

I mean, you taught me first.

You: No, you.

Someone: Does it matter who started?

Else: Yes, it was me.

Well, well… I know that you know and we know.

So let’s go…

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