But /no one/ should be /killed

Some guy towards Carl: Aber das tötet Menschen, Carl! (But that kills humans, Carl!)

Dude: DUde, you got the meme wrong.

Me: Oh. Dang. Sorry.

Marshall: So you tell me that they are all red ya nd green as well?


Marshall: So you say, that they are all on our side? I mean, are you sure? Because it is highly speculative.

Me: Well, tell me Marshall, these are your boys after all.

Also Me:

Actually Me:

Marshall: And what about the other forces?

Me: You mean?

Marshall: Well, the other forces of authority and power. Obviously.

Me: Oh.

Marshall: No, that doesn’t exists.

Me: WHO told you this?

Marshall: I don’t know. A bird probably.

Me: Birds. You mean the ones which Twitter?

Marshall: Isn’t this what birds to?

Me: Do.

Marshall: What?

Me: What birds DO!

Marshall: Ah right. sORRY.

Me: Not so loud. Others could listen.

Marshall whispers: Oh, you right son. I forgot.

Me: Aren’t you the one WHO is listening?

Marshall: Me?

Me: Yes?

Marshall: Not sure, maybe… maybe not.


Marshall: 👀

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