As always

And don’t forget the rules.

Otherwise you might end up in trouble.

So you should really listen to what Jack has to say about it.

Now that you know. A little more history.

Edit: And by the way, in Germany now, 6 is like an F and 1 like an A. Only in soviet russia, there was 5 as the best and 1 as the worse. Maybe she got confused or it changed over time. Probably it changed over time. But I thought it was important to mention, so that you don’t confused current grades with old ones. Or something like that. Also it made me chuckle a little. ^^

By the way, it said “Der Erziehungsrat” (german) on top of the paper shown in the thumbnail, which means “The Education Council” (according to translators), but in direct words “Erziehung” is also “upbringing” and means to treat and support someone in a right way, so they can be great with what they are about to do. And “rat” (actually from “Rat”) doesn’t mean the english word rat, it is actually a word which means “council” or “advice” in german. Not to get confused with the word “Rad” which only has a “d” instead of a “t” at the end, but is more a wheel, than anything else.

And finally a little again.

But maybe this time it will actually change your life, but it actually said maths forever. But I was never really a fan of maths, only the simple math, of course. 😀

Bye. 🙂

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