Launch laughter

Today I ate lunch with my mother. Nothing too special, except that we not often eat lunch or breakfast together. Because she is worken half the day and I am often sleeping during day time. Not today.

And guess what, as if he had sniffed it in the air, my father came for a visit.

We had a very funny conversation about my life and what me and my mother should do. And that he needs a lot of help and that I should go to work again since he can’t after 20 years of hard bass chillin.

After he left me and my mother had to laugh because it was so funny.

How I wish this would be over already…

But I guess I will never learn that he just wants to help. While it actually is usually the opposite. He says to me what he should listen to and I say what he should listen to, but I actually shouldn’t say because I know it is pointless.

Funny Mondays. I think this should be a new thing.

No … I just had to write this here because my mother almost lost it again and is very exhausted and out of energy now. I also feel very tired again, but at least we could still laugh about it.

Luckily I feel my heart, it still beats and is still warm.

But yep…. I again had a laugh flash together and where laughing instead of crying and weeping. Good that we have an understanding.

And I know that I am safe. Now it is just exhausting, I mean it was all the time before, but before I just ignored it and now I feel good about it. Since I know that I won’t be the one who will go into the grave. Maybe no one, but that is only up to my father himself.

Some guy: God?

No you silly, my father who lives on the other end of the garden.

Some guy: Yes, what I said.


Me: No Else, don’t let that happen again. Never ever!

Else: Oki Doki.

Me: Oh no…

Jokes aside, did you know that my father told me, that I should go to God Service again, like him? No?

Me: So tell me something about trees. Which one is your favorite one?

Father: Yes.

No jokes, that actually happened like this.

Stranger: I know right…

What my head felt like afterwards:

Some guy: Your head?

Else: …

(And yes, I know that I am the not the one who should get justice, it most-likely is you who should get some justice finally. And the others what they deserve.)

My father himself said, that soon the judgement will come and that it will be a harsh one. I mean, he said it himself and you know that his opinion always wins. Soooo………

And I hope you still remember what they said about immune systems and the winter time each year. Because earth is also a bloody woman. Well, technically not, but practically yes.

Else: What are you talking about son?

Me: Me not knows… help.

And again, this is the banner of the place where I live:

Now I can tell you the name. It is a silent hill.

Actually Überberg (Over Mountain / On top of the mountain).

Scary enough?

I think it is right next to … hellheim.

Is it a raven? Is it a crow?

Or just a bird trapped in the oil?

But I have the shield in my claws, under my feet.

So I guess, that the eagle won’t be able to fly.

Else: Stop typing nonsense.

And again, I know that I am dead. I said it already many times.

But you know how it is. Everything is indeed possible.

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