Halloween should be over buy now

Songs can make you think and remember the good old days.

And not every bar has to have a meaning or reason to be.

Some bars of pogress really don’t load all that fast.

Speaking of bars, want some… gold… bars?

Else: *shakes head with hand on her face*


Suddenly on the special emergency channel(s):

It was indeed the best version. But luckily, we can do better.

Some guy: Why are there three half-flipped tables and an upsidedown armchair?

Else: OOF

Other one: And why does the sickle always cut the hammer?

Someone: I thought you wanted to say arm.

Some guy: I knew it, another german word “arm” (poor). Like all you guys with your stupid ideas.


Pedro: But I thought there was a flower? So you should have said: “The sickle always cuts the flower”.

ELSE: AAAAAAAAAH!!!! Why do you guys always have to tell me what I can and can’t say or do?! Heh?


Me (on X):


Moderator: Well, looks like a classical, no wait, modern version of the Mexican standoff. What do you think fellow mexican… eh … I mean… burglers… eh… burgers. …. no what was the text…. Bürgers?:… *slowly fading out*

Good that the have all day and still a little more.

Or as we used to say in the U.S. :

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