Being lad/t/e

When Stronghold taught me one thing, then that the you can’t rely on the king. Since I think in each part you always had to do everything alone for the most part or with a few friends and followers. Only to win it all, but then the king arrives and you were just a helpful tool or fighter to give it all back to the king and there for lose it all.

Good that we aren’t living in times of such kings anymore, who just move left and right and one step at a time, hiding behind walls and towers.

I always wondered, why the king in chess was the most useless figure in the whole game. I mean, it just moves one step and besides the nice feature which allows him to change with the tower, there is really nothing special about him.

I mean he isn’t even allowed to attack the other king, only a few figures (as far as I know). And when facing too many enemy peasants, he is lost and has to give up. I mean just a few peasant could bring him down. You don’t need a whole army.

The queens always do so much and get so little, not even a throne for themselves. Always running and fighting, while the king does nothing at all, only to see him win again and again, while the queens have …

it all.


And even my mother dreamed some months ago, that I would die, but everything would be alright because I would not long be gone.

But you know, not every dream will come true, although some could turn out in a very weird way to become true after all.

Maybe dying together isn’t all that scary at all, because you will never be ever alone again. 🙂 ❤

And I know what you think about this.

So I say.



And share!

So that this…

… may finally be over.

I am not worth the fight, so I hope I didn’t lose the queen within the first few turns. The carrousel can really make you vomit after a few turns or at least make you feel sick. But luckily there is a lot more than just carrousels and rollercoasters to life. 😀

Even if I shouldn’t be there with you, but I so badly want to be.

No one should die. Only this no one, only him, not anyone Else.

But you of course know, that men always know better – what is good for you

A stranger in the crowd: *coughs*

Oh right, thank you for reminding me, I totally forgot the point to at all.

Turns out, my life is pointless after all.

Gut to no.

Maybe you will never hear from again after this is done.

But if you want, you can visit once in a while. 🙂

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