1 + 1 makes 3

Some guy: But only because of red hair, it doesn’t mean that someone is irish.

X: Do you remember the song with the colors?

Some guy: Ah right, I think something comes up. Thanks for reminding me.

Else: Finally… just about time. Some guys really need a long time to understand.

Me: What happens here?

Pedro: Me not knows.

Else: Just when I thought we had a clear understanding… Why does it always has to end in a similar way…???

Some people be like:

Some guy: This can’t be happening right now. NO WAY!

Else: Why not?

Other one:


Someone: Did I hear something about cantdy?

s were/are sad

And one person watching my steps in confusion be like:

But I would say, the payday comes soon enough, just wait for it.

Buerocratic ways are sometimes very slow and cold, but at some point they will also understand that there is more than just screening and typing.

I call it KFC. It is a choir.

Some guy: Wasn’t this a restaurant I usually went to, to eat some chicken?

Else: 👀

Me: 👁️.👁️ ️

Someone: 🙄 What are these people up too? Me does not understand.

And some screens are silent. But now louder than ever before.

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