You show a man how to pumpkin

And he will pumpkin all day long.

Man, that is mean. Letting a squirrel not play a fish under water.

Wait, under water? Doesn’t this mean she….

What some people do with their dime. 😀

Good that we don’t speak the same language here.

My bad. I propably forgot about the … oh wait english.

Talking about “Gesundheitsinspektoren”, in my town a music teacher got fired on the spot because according to some people he didn’t have proper plans for the current health crisis, although he had them and even handed them in. Interesting times, almost reminds me of the times right after the golden 20s. Wait, golden … gold. Something can’t be right with my bürgers.

Are you a good Bürger … eh … oh… *coughs* citizen?

Most of the people following this blog be like: Why is this in german, while he knows that we don’t speak this weird old language?

Don’t ask me, ask the YouTube algorithm. 😀

Nun eh… I mean, well, well, everything fresh in the hell?

X: But Halloween is already over.

Some people: But it isn’t 12 o’ clock yet.

X: On my clock it says it is sunday.

Other one: And my clock says, not working.

Technology and people…


With best wishes from Germany. 🙂


    • Sorry, this one was again in the spam section… :-/
      Luckily I go through it once in a while. Actually found some interesting things there.
      Some people wanted to sell me drugs and stuff. Man … they are really trying hard.
      I got so many of these already and they all look similar.
      I wonder why your messages still (at least sometimes) get seen as spam.
      I mean you are just writing nice little comments. Isn’t that allowed anymore or what?
      This also happened on my YouTube channel. Some of my subcribers even got labeled as spam, I mean their comments of course.
      But a few bots weren’t… I thought, well, what the hell…
      But at least I still knew who was a bot and who wasn’t. At least most of the time. A few times they also got me.
      Pretty weird these days. Sometimes I could swear they get more human each day. 😀 💜
      And thank you for the good wishes! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yes it is very depressing. 😦
          But like I know that you do and would want to write more, hopefully the others now also understood it. And again, I am checking my spam, so at least in my case the comments are not lost, just could take a few days until they are approved and visible.
          Depending on how often I check and remember checking. ^^
          Don’t give up on your voice (or comments in this case), people can still read your messages if they want. So maybe if they see that you aren’t a spam bot or whatever and they really care for people, they might check for your comments anyway, like I do.
          And even if you still shouldn’t want to comment because it indeed is pretty frustrating as you wrote, that most of what you write seems to be filtered, don’t give up on it.
          Because I know (when you said it), that you have a lot to say or at least just want to share some thoughs. So it would be a shame if a stupid computer algorithm, meant to only filter out unwanted adds and garbage, would make you stop.
          Reminds me of a TV show with brittains in which there was a scene in which one of the people was doing something on the computer and then there was: “Computer says NO!”.
          But usually there should still be people behind the blogs / pages you want to comment on and they can decide for themselves. I mean, as long as you don’t post weird links or messages, of course. 😊 ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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