RU relais list n’ bing?

Because I am really bad with expla-nations and I need a brake.

All these water bombs in my head …

… almost feels like home.

Which made me remember a film I once watched in school “Im Westen nichts Neues” (direct translation: “Nothing new in the west”), which was actually a war prevention movie made after WWI, showing that war was pointless. And well… let’s not talk about what happened then. I mean, we already did in the next… I mean, previous post.

And I mean, if you walk west, just far enough, then you will understand, that east and west are relative. I hope you see what I did…. well you did there. Because I was just following orders my brain gave me.

Some guy: Just following orders… I think I heard these words before somewher.

No, not there. Afterwards. Eh.. before?

Someone: No, no, you meant “always”, this was clearly what you wanted to say.

Always it be.

Someone else: No, not like this.

Else: Always has been.

Me: Huh?

Some guy: *pulls out ghetto blaster and plays some good music*

Some guy: Wait, wait wait wait wait wait…. you can’t play that here.

Else: Why not?

Some guy: Because it is ill egal.

Moderator: Did I hear “egal”!? A german word pointing out that something is irrelevant, unimportant and doesn’t matter?

Some guy: No, sorry, I … I just meant that it… ah forget it.

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