Repetitive Behavior …

… is easy to copy.

Someone in the audience: Okay STOP! We got it, you are an idiot.

Someone else: No, we are screwed.

Else: How about some courage guys?

The rest of the audience:

Did I hear someone say “NINE?”


So don’t come to me and tell me that the others before me and I didn’t warn you.

Did I hear “German” and “Zero”?



Okay…. 😦

My brain in 5 minutes, when I forced the emergency handbrake routine:

But I shouldn’t be so egoistic, naive and risking all of our lives.

Luckily I know, that we all were sentenced to death.

(In case you understood, what “to the death” and the skull meant)

So I can’t do much wrong. Because our lives are on risk each day anyway.

And if we don’t accept it the way it is, we will see a loaded gun up close.

And this time, it won’t be our own mind, our own hand which is leading it.

This time it could be the gun held by a former friend.

And I know, that many people lost their lives already. I know because although my life wasn’t that much in danger of getting killed by others, I was in danger to end it myself. In the “west” you do it yourself and elsewhere others “help” you do it.

In recent years they even developed or pushed a word called “Sterbehilfe” also known as (indirect) euthanasia or assissted suicide. And it is formed of “sterben” (dying) and “Hilfe” (help). So basically they are helping us all to die (faster).

Isn’t that a lovely word(s).

But I am just an old man rambling about the wars and history.

Someone: Didn’t you say you are 22?

Don’t trust what is on the internetz kids.

It is dangerous these days. Some could think, the n***s won.

But some say the earth is flat, some say it is a potatoe and others even build rockets for cars. Strange times, strange times.

Someone: OOOOH SHIIIT! He said the N-word.

Other one: Not the N-word.

Me: What? Aren’t I allowed to say nazis?

X: *Gulps*

Well, that escalated quickly. And you know what else escalated quickly?

Else: Wait now I am confused.

Franz: I thought the nazis were the bad ones.

Me: Now it starts working, doesn’t it?

Actual thoughts of the audience:

Good…. otherwise it might hurt.

Actual audience:

After they realize that I wasn’t joking.

Good old winter times with snow and… WAIT WHAT!?

(Told you… I really tried to…)

Someone: I didn’t know it was that cold around New York.

Else: Or as my ancestors once said – “Ati and Tommy”, when something nuclear exploded in soviet russia.

X: And these days, soviet (r)Asha is in our hearts.

And I just have to trust in my Totally Escalated Alternative Marsians.

Else: Stop these shity word jokes, you are getting nowhere.

Me: I know…

Meanwhile in general parts of soviety (let me read that again) society.

I actually heard that song when I was younger.

Else: The color song? You stupid child?

No… this one.

Wait… no… I mean, yes, but also no. Actually I meant …

So basically water.

Someone: What are you talking about, about Walter?


Someone: Oh, you were talking about water. I almost thought you were white.

Wait… why?

Someone: You know what I mean.

Me: And please don’t expect me to do much more for the moment. But I am working on it.

Meanwhile in Oceania…. eh… eh… (shit) eh.. within American borders.

Some guy: Is this supposed to be connected with the previous video, since there was no bar in between?

Me: We don’t hand out cash around here.

Some guy: I see.

Else: Good that we have an understanding.

Some guy: And this one as well?

Moderator: *coughs* SILENCE!

Some guy: Okay, okay, chill dude. I was just asking a question.

Moderator: I SAID ….

The signal was lost due to an unknown event between time and space. Please stay come and don’t run around in circles like a lunatic. Everything will be fine. Everything indeed will be fine. But so far we only got no thing.

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