Sadly I have heard most of these words multiple times throughout my life. But sadly from the people in my country. (Germany)

Maybe we actually have the year 1930 or somthing… and you know what happened in the year with the 1 at the end. If not, do some research.

Or to use similar words like Macron: “The enemy with in”

Since back in the days they also were talking about such things.

It was later called the “Dolchstoßlegende” / “Stab-in-the-Back Myth” which was used to gain power back in the days.

I must say, some people really did their history lessons.

Good that we are not just machines like them and saw it all coming, so we could prepare.

Someone: *sees nazi symbols, german and Hitler* – He is a nazi, I KNEW IT!

Other people: *confused*


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