I am … eh …

Else: This boy isn’t joking.

Some guy: What do you mean?

Else: You will see.

Some guy: Eh… I just see white walls.

Else: What? I told you drugs aren’t good.

Some guy: But … I thought… aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Else: Chill. You are just at home in your apartement. That’s it.

Some guy: OOF. I almost thought I was going insane.

Else: First.

Some guy: Huh?

Else: I was the before, in the comment section.

Some guy: Ah, now I see.

Else: The light?

Some guy: Yeah.

Else: What the hell are you talking about?

Some guy: What are you talking about?

Else: Guys….

Someone in the audience (maybe you): What kind of drugs did you take?

My answer:

Someone in the audience (maybe you): What does this mean? Sex?

Me: What? No, yellow.

Someone in the audience (maybe you): Yellow?

Me: Yes the sun inside. The warmth of love and the bright side of things. Like shown in this picture. Usually the better colors are where no one looks, inside. And all you see is the usual colors, as seen in this picture as well.

Someone in the audience (maybe you): Which again makes me ask you, how did all these people work together?

Me: Magicians don’t show you their tricks.

Someone in the audience (maybe you): You already wrote about this.

Me: I did?

Someone in the audience (maybe you): Yes, you should remember that.

Me: Oh really? Is that so?

Someone in the audience (maybe you): YES YOU STUPID CHILD!

Me: Sorry friend… 😦

Someone in the audience (maybe you): Nah, its okay.

Else: You are ruining everything because you always don’t know when and where to stop.

Me: I know… Wait, no actually I always knew that and did that. That’s why I didn’t do it anymore because it almost killed me to stop doing what I was able to do.

Else: But you are just posting nonsense and no one can understand a single word, meaning or message. Did you expect anyone to follow your weird thoughts? It is impossible to tell whether anyone at all would understand these messages.

Other one: Yes, and you also never really explain anything.

Some guy: Yep, I still have no clue. Are you sure you are alright?

Me: Whether I am sure whether I am sure that I am sure whether…

Else: I think we should call an ambulance or something.

Some guy: Maybe the police could help? I mean, he might attempt suicide otherwise.

X: No, do you remember what happened to that guy in brittain … was it brittain? Anyway, many years ago there was this man who wanted to kill himself and he failed. Luckily authority took notice and helped him.

Some guy: See, they helped this poor man. Did they give him therapy or some moved him to a rehabilitation center?

X: They killed him, since murder and attempted murder were illegal by law and also said to be punished with death.

Some guy: Sheesh. When you said they helped him I thought… eh….

X: Yeah, that’s the problem, you think too many dots and “eh”s where aren’t any.

Else: Did I here “Anny”?

X: *facepalm*

Else: Can someone please stop this big child over here, who just pays attention to curves and bodies?

Me: But curves are so much healthier and natural than boxes.

Else: Pervert.

Me: Are you calling God a pervert?

Else: What God? And you are clearly not him.

Me: I know that I am a silly sick guy with problems. But you can decide for yourself whether you want to pay attention to boxes or curves.

Else: HELP! This guy makes me want to cry. He doesn’t understand a single word I say.

Me: I don’t need words to see that you like me.

Else: HELP! ME!

Me: Eh… sorry, that sounded very wrong and … damn it. I always scare people away. I think I am really no use here, other than making this none-existing-sense.

Other dude: You mean non-sense.

Other one: Yea…

Me: No, I am creating sense where isn’t any.

Else: Where is Anny? Did you see her?

Me: AAAAAHAAHAHAH stop Else, there is no Anny.

Else: But my friend is out there and needs help.

Me: I know, but please don’t call her like that. Is this even grammatically correct?

Else: Grammatica… what? Since when are names supposed to be…

Me: Because they should all look similar so they can be easily pronounced, understood and reused.

Some guy: You mean like recycling?

Other dude: Like plastic?

Else: Guys… what is up with you?

Other one: They had too much LSD.

Else: That is so 60s… It was the 60s right?

X: Who cares, as long as the wheel keeps on spinning.

Else: Did literally everyone take drugs around here except for me?

Else: Hell ooooh?

Meanwhile in other parts of the bubble… bumble… humble world.

While the rest is doing the following:

No, the other one:

<?php echo date('Y', strtotime('-3 years')); ?>

Some guy: What about 2017?

X: The other one.

Other one: WHAT ABOUT Me?

X: *facepalm*

Else: *laughs crying in pain*


What people probably think about me, when they don’t think I am a pathetic, ignorant little child who doesn’t understand a thing and is useless when it comes to proper work and progress in life:

Or how life must look like through my eyes.

(And I have many, trust me.)

Some guy: But humans only have two eggs… I mean eyes… eyes is what I meant.

Else: One day he might understand.

X: You sure?

Else: You never know for sure.

And then:

X: Wait, WAIT STOP! This is not supposed to be like that. And… the hell.. why is there a flower instead of a hammer? Could you please explain that to me?

Some guy: This is blasphemy. This is madness.

X: No, I won’t say what you want me to say.

Some guy: But… but… aaarrgggh… you are ruining everything.

X: You tell me.

Meanwhile someone turned around the music disk, to play the other side of the metal… I mean with the metal, this needle thing, you know.

You: Why is this guy not dead yet?

Someone else: I don’t know.

Else: I also have no clue, maybe it is a good sign?

X: Could be a trap. Better watch out.

Me: *confused eyes* What is going on? Did I miss something?

X: Weren’t you the one typing?

Me: Me? No, it was YOU!

X: Me neither. Anyone else?

Else: Nope.

X: Who is controlling this rig?

Some guy: Who are you???


You: You are oil?

Me: Yes.

You: Oh, ok.


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