Flower Power over Hammer Slammer


(And I want to add everything which was said about brothers, fathers and sons to be said about sisters, mothers and daughters as well! 🙂 It often is forgotten and dismissed as unimportant, but not around here.)

X: This explains why there was a flower instead of a hammer. If just everything in life had such a simply solution.

Else: You serious X?

X: Are you?

Else: I swear by my God!

X: If?

Else: Huh?

X: Well, the if condition opens the case and only if the condition is not met, the else part is used.

Else: Help! Me! X is turning into a coded object again.

Me: X, stop that. If any than you should finally change the condition, so Else and Me and someone else around here can live.

Someone: And what you my life?

Me: Yours as well.

Other one: Wow… you only count in your friends. How ignorant is that.

Other dude: Yea…


From this day on the Pi symbol will be seen as a symbol of too many tears for one to cry.

I mean look at it:

Doesn’t it look like a crying eye with two tears?

Some guy: But water doesn’t float upwards again.

Me: Can someone please do something about this guy? Thank you.

Meanwhile at the frontlines, somewhere between space and time:

And now I reuse an inspiring speech, while I would replace some titles and maybe a few words here and there. But you will see what I mean:

And no, in my case it wasn’t about military and Germany at all. So I hope you have understood and the speech wasn’t all for nothing.

Some guy: But you just stole a speech from someone else and reused it for other purposes. That is ill egal. Are you a nazi or not?

Else: HELP! ME!

Me: And about the flowers and hammers. Why not have both, I mean, you need both anyways at some point. So, why not? And why not add some pencils, keyboards and cameras as well?

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